Does Moissanite Last ? Can You Wear It Every Day ?

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All this talk of diamonds and their conflict-free alternatives have people wondering more and more whether other gems can last as longa s a diamond, namely moissanites. These beauties have been used diamond simulants and alternatives for decades, and for good reason. But it’s time to dig deeper and take a look at how durable these gems are, whether you can wear them every day or not, if they have inclusions, and generally whether they’ll behave like a diamond would. So let’s explore this, shall we ?

moissanite last

Does moissanite last ?

Yes, moissanite will last you a lifetime and longer since it an incredibly tough material (9.25 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale) and is a chemically stable compoud. Moissanite on the market is in fact silicone carbide, and it is the lab-grown version of the incredibly rare and expensive natural moissanite. The lab-grown variety is used extensively as a diamond simulant since it looks and sparkles very much like a diamond, but there are a few differences.

Will a moissanite last as long as a diamond ? Yes it will, and in a way it might last longer than a diamond, in the very (veeeeery) long run. You see diamonds are pure carbon, crystalized. But this form is not the most stable, because over thousands of years, with added heat and pressure, diamonds form those tiny inclusions which are actually graphite ! So a diamond left to its own devices will eventually break down as it turns to graphite. A moissanite will never change its form.

Of course, the human population would be pretty much extinct by the time this would happen. But for the purpose of real lifespans, yes diamonds and moissanites do last just as long so there is no need to worry your moissanite might break anytime soon.

Does moissanite sparkle like a diamond ?

Moissanite sparkles very similarly to a diamond, but has more fire (rainbow sparkle) than it has brilliance (white sparkle), while diamonds have a perfect balance of fire and brilliance. This means your moissanite will be more colorful when placed next to a diamond of the exact same cut, clarity and size but it won’t be immediately noticeable as a moissanite instead of diamond.

Some people love the look of more fire in their stone, while others prefer a more balanced look. If you opt for a step-cut moissanite be warned that you might see some fuzzy facets due to its slight refraction doubling but it shouldn’t look bad. You will get more sparkle than a step-cut diamond though.

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Can you wear moissanite every day ?

Yes, moissanite can be worn every day without fear of scratches or breaking it. Moissanite scores 9.25 out of 10 on the Mohs scale, while diamonds score a 10 on the same scale. This makes moissanite one of the toughest gemstones, literally rivaled only by diamonds.

Moissanite will last a lifetime, sparkle, and can easily be worn every day so it’s a great option for engagement rings or other jewelry that normally sees a lot of wear and tear.

Does moissanite get cloudy or scratch ?

Moissanite does not easily scratch or get cloudy, since it is so tough. It can only be scratched by another moissanite or a diamond, so don’t be afraid to wear your moissanite jewelry.

The only reason for moissanite to get cloudy is if it accumulates a lot of tiny scratches (which would take a lifetime) or if it gets dirty. IN case of dirty moissanite jewelry a gentle scrub with a soft toothbrush and warm, soapy water will easily return it to its original sparkle.

Don’t let others talk you out of getting moissanite for fear of it getting cloudy or scratching. Chances are they were confusing moissanite for cubic zirconia, which can bet cloudy/scratch faster than moissanite since it is a much softer gemstone. Most of the time people confuse the two.

Does moissanite have inclusions ?

Yes, moissanites can have inclusions but those are very small, fine inclusions that are only seen under magnification. This means most moissanite will have very high clarity grades, such as IF, FL, and VVS1 and VVS2. This makes any and all moissanite a great option for jewelry where clarity is very important, such as engagement rings, or in cuts that require high clarity such as step-cuts.

Why is moissanite cheaper than diamonds ?

Moissanite is far more affordable than diamond because it is a lab-grown gemstone and it is not considered a premium gemstone. Perhaps a better question would be why diamonds are so expensive, even lab-grown ones.

The truth is that gemstones have always been a mark of luxury, something of a status symbol. Very few people could afford gemstones and those that could were either royalty or high ranking religious figures, and sometimes those two groups overlapped. So naturally, people envied and admired the people and the gems.

Since diamonds are natural and come out of the earth as you see them, in terms of color and clarity, they are always going to be much more appreciated than a lab-grown gemstone of any kind, even lab-grown diamonds.

As for moissanite, not only is moissanite lab-grown but its reputation as a diamond simulant is in the back of everyone’s mind, and it’s difficult to see it as a gemstone in its own right. A gem’s price is largely defined by its perceived value, so if at some point moissanite ever becomes high fashion or a status symbol it can quickly become insanely expensive, just like diamonds.

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