What Is A Push Ring ? Here’s What It Is & How To Pick One

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Push rings may not be familiar to everyone, but they’re gaining more and more popularity. If you’re wondering what your wife might be talking about but don’t want to ask her personally, or you’ve simply overheard the term somewhere, we’re here for you. We’ll explain what a push ring is, what it means, and the general etiquette around it. Read on !

push rings

What is a push ring ?

A push ring is a fairly new tradition of giving new mothers a ring to celebrate their first successful pregnancy and the birth of their first child. The ring is usually given by the father of the child. The push ring is simply another way to commemorate the event.

A push ring is in fact a push gift, it can be anything

Push rings don’t necessarily have to be a ring, they are simply the most common form of giving a gift to a new mother. They stem from the idea of giving a new mother a gift to celebrate the effort of pregnancy and birthing their first child, and this is a tradition that has been around for several decades in the UK and India. Lately, America has joined as well.

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So while this post will focus on push rings specifically, do know that you can always get any other piece of jewelry, or simply a whole other object for the new mother. As long as it means something to you both, or it’s something you know she would appreciate very much, it can be a push present. Now onto the rings !

What does a push ring usually look like ?

A push ring can be and look like anything, according to your style, budget, and what you consider to be sentimental value. There are no rules set in stone for push rings, but there are a few guidelines you can use to get a better understanding of that this ring usually is. Keep in mind that these are guidelines, so you are free to disregard them if you like. Here’s what you should know.

A push ring should not look like an engagement ring

Normally the engagement ring is the flashiest, most impressive ring on a woman’s hand. As such, the push ring usually doesn’t look like an engagement ring, or even if it does have a diamond on it, it’s smaller or set very differently.

So if the engagement ring is a solitaire 1ct diamond, the push ring can be a different gem, or a smaller diamond, set lower on the ring. It should not be mistaken for the actual engagement ring. For this reason twist design rings ,or eternity rings are a great way to incorporate some diamonds or gems without upstaging the engagement ring.

Your child’s birthstone is a nice touch

Some parents opt to use their child’s birthstone for the gem in the push ring. Please note that the push rings can be without a gem ! If you do want to include a birthstone, an eternity band with the gemstone is a great way, or a three-stone ring with your child’s birthstone, the mother, and your birthstone all in one are also a great option.

If this is not your first child, then including the birthstone for all the children you two have is going to make for a very special ring indeed.

Consider your partner’s wishes

In the end, your partner is the one wearing the ring. There’s nothing wrong with asking for her opinion on what general style of ring she’d like, whether she wants gems or not, or if she wants a ring or something else. You don’t have to make this non-romantic, as long as you make it clear that you’d simply looking for ideas, the won’t really know exactly what you’re going to bring.

Push ring examples to inspire you

We’re going to give you a few examples of push rings, to get you inspired. Some are more expensive, some are cheaper, some are simple and some  can be pretty complex and dainty. it really comes down to what you and your partner like most.

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Take a look at this simulated ruby and white sapphire ring.

It’s an impressive ring for sure, and since it’s a colored gem it brings a pop of color. The ruby is ab emerald cut, 10×17 mm in size, and the small white sapphires are round cuts. The entire ring is set in 925 sterling silver. This is perfect for a July baby, or if your wife loves a deep crimson red.

Another, simpler idea is to offer a simple mother’s ring, like this one.

The ring is highly customizable, in that the gemstone can be any birthstone you need, and the engraving can be anything up to 12 characters. The ring metal is 925 sterling silver, though it can also be plated with 18k rose gold or 18k yellow gold.

Push present etiquette

Even if this tradition is a bit new, push rings still have some etiquette around them. Most of the following points are general etiquette when gift-giving, so they won’t really come as a surprise. Still, this is a big moment for you both – your very first child ! – and it comes after a lot of effort, sweat, tears, blood, and will be followed by a few months of sleepless nights and a lot of stress.

This gift is a reminder to you both that those days will get better, and the child you now share is the biggest joy possible. A push ring won’t upstage your child, a new life, a new member of the family. Still, here are a few tips on push ring etiquette to help you navigate this moment.

Is a push ring expected ?

A push ring is not expected, but it always welcome. This is a gift, in the end, given freely and expecting nothing in return. We’re sure your wife would appreciate the gesture very much even if it was simply a bouquet of flowers. It really is the thought that counts, and a push ring is a nice present indeed.

Should a push ring be expensive ?

A push ring shouldn’t be very expensive, at least not more expensive than the engagement ring. You can get a ring as cheap or pricey as you like, as long as you’re sure it’s something you’d both like. There is no accepted price range.

If you decide to get a natural diamond eternity band then you can easily expect to spend over $300, while a plain metal band with some engraving can be under $50. Not every household’s budget is the same, and some people like to spend a lot on presents, while some don’t care for presents all that much.

Spend as much a you need or want to, but remember one thing. Babies are expensive, you will have a lot of upcoming expenses and it’s best to not go overboard on the push ring.

When do you give the push present ?

There is no right time to give a push present, but there is a bad time. Do not attempt to give the present or ring when the mother is still stressed, right before delivering the baby, right after delivering the baby as she’s being stitched, or in any moment what is overwhelming.

The push present or push ring is something that you can give after baby has been born, the mother has started to relax, and has had a chance to rest and eat a little. Celebrate your child first. The present can wait until you get home, or a few days or even weeks until you settle into a sort of routine.

It’s generally poor form to give the push present before the actual labor and delivery. Birthing a child is an experience, it’s tough, it’s emotional, and it can go sideways in a literal minute. We’re not here to dampen spirits, but any birth can get real complicated real fast. Best to wait until the birth is over and the child is healthy and safe.

Do dads get push presents ?

Traditionally it’s only the mothers that get a push present, as they are the ones actively pregnant and bringing a child into this world. But fathers have been taking a more active role in the past decades, and showing immense support and care during pregnancy and after the delivery. So these fathers really do deserve a thank you as well, be it a ring or another present.

This decision is at the mother’s discretion, the same way the push gift is usually as the father’s discretion. In the end, a push gift celebrates two things:

  • the physical and emotional effort invested during the TTC phase, pregnancy, and delivery
  • the successful birth of a healthy, happy child that is a new member of your family

If a mother can wear a ring to celebrate her effort and her newborn, so can the father. In truth it’s both the effort and the child that you’re celebrating, and this was (hopefully) a joint effort, teamwork if you will.

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