How Should A Wedding Ring Fit ? A Guide On Picking Your Rings

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Wedding rings or wedding bands are something most people end up wearing at one point or another. You can be married without a ring, yes, but most people choose to get a wedding set even if there is no religious ceremony. So, it’s time to choose those wedding rings. Scary, we know, we’ve been there and looked at a few dozen styles before picking the ones we have.

How should a wedding ring fit ? This is an especially important question for those who’ve never worn any sort of ring at all. The sensation can be foreign, even if the ring isn’t too tight. So let’s take a look at ring fitting, sizing up or down, and whether bridal sets are a good idea or not.

wedding ring fit

How should a wedding ring fit ?

A wedding ring should slide over your knuckle with a little push, and fit snugly at the base of your left-hand ring finger. The same ring may not fit on your right-hand finger, so choose well. When you take off the wedding ring, you should need to tug and fiddle with it, meaning it won’t easily come off.

On a hot day when your hands and feet are swollen a good size ring will feel tight, and on very cold days when blood circulation is restricted (cold hands) your perfectly-sized ring will feel a bit loose.

The best time to go wedding ring shopping is mid-morning, when your hands aren’t swollen after an entire day working, it’s not too hot outside, and you have a clear head.

The jeweler should have a set of ring sizes for you to try on. Those are simply metal bands that have the interior size that you will find you need to wear. Don’t be afraid to ask for a half size if that’s what you need.

For example when we bought our wedding bands the jeweler insisted we get them a size smaller, and I insisted on a size larger than she said. She was afraid for us to lose the rings, I was afraid of getting sausage fingers. So we made a compromise and half sizes is what we got.

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How do you wear your wedding ring properly ?

Your wedding ring usually goes on the left hand, on the ring finger. If you’ve also got an engagement ring there, you need to account for that ring’s width as well. For example a 7 mm wedding band will look pretty bad next to a 4 mm engagement ring, especially on smaller hands. So, decide on what hand you’ll end up wearing each ring, after the wedding ceremony, and choose a width that suits you.

Most people decide to wear their wedding band and engagement ring together. Usually, the wedding band is first on the finger, and then the engagement ring (after the ceremony). I wear them with my engagement ring first and my wedding band on top. Or, you can wear them separately.

There is really no right or wrong way of wearing your wedding band, as young as you simply wear it. Most people assume that whatever ring is on your left-hand ring finger is your wedding or engagement ring.

Is it better to size a ring up or down ?

It’s easier and simpler for a jeweler to size your ring down, rather than up. Assuming your ring style is fairly simple and doesn’t have stones going around the entire ring, it’s easier to cut off a bit of the metal and then rework the ring into a circle shape.

Sizing up requires adding extra metal, which has to match the rest of the ring. Even for a simple ring this isn’t as simple as substracting some metal.

It’s a wise idea to get your finger measured by several jewelers, during different days or times of the day, so you have a very clear idea of what size you are.

Is my ring too loose ?

Your ring is too loose when you shake your hand and the ring moves to your knuckle, even if it doesn’t completely slide off. Your ring should be loose enough to not be uncomfortable, but tight enough to sit in place when you go about your business everyday.

You may be tempted to buy a ring that is loose to avoid sausage fingers. But remember that your ring will eventually form a groove into your skin (in 2-3 days it’s there) and that groove will help keep it in place.

If this is your first time wearing a ring of any kind, it may feel strange on your hand in the first few days. You’ll get used to it pretty quickly though.

Why does my ring feel loose sometimes ?

A wedding ring or engagement ring can feel loose when your fingers are slimmer, even temporarily. This can happen due to two reasons, one being less blood circulation due to cold weather, and another due to losing weight.

When the weather shifts to warm and even hot, our bodies send more blood to the outer parts, in an attempt to cool us down. This is why our hands are often swollen on hot days, and on days when the atmospheric pressure is high.

When the weather shifts to cool and even cold, our bodies send less blood to our outer parts, in an attempt to keep the blood warm and us warm. This slims down the fingers, to the point where previously perfect rings now feel loose.

And when you lose weight, your fingers slim down as well. These sizes don’t just change with a pound lost, you’ll notice changes after 3-5 pounds of lost weight.

Finger size will vary in time

While your wedding takes place on a particular day, in a specific time of your life, your life will go on. Your finger size may vary in time, as you age and as various things happen in your life. So, be prepared for your wedding ring to be at one point tight or loose, due to:

  • changes in temperature where you live, sometimes permanently such as moving house
  • bloating and weight gain due to pregnancy, and some of it may never go away
  • a medical condition
  • significant weight gain or loss
  • time of day or exercise

If your find that your ring is becoming unwearable, you have the option or resizing it or getting a new pair. Chances are your partner’s ring size has changed as well. You can keep the old wedding band as a sweet reminder, or you can trade it in for the new one.

Do engagement rings come with wedding bands ?

Some engagement rings come with wedding bands for the bride and the groom. These are usually called bridal or engagement sets, and you can find a few examples of them. These sets are very useful if you decide on an engagement ring with a very unique style that would need a custom wedding band.

Even if the bands are simple, these wedding sets echo the style of the engagement ring in the wedding bands, and some even complement them.

Whatever you decide to do with your wedding rings, remember that they’re first for you and your loved one, and then for everyone else to see. You have to love them and want to wear them every day. Make sure the fit you get is right, don’t get a size too large and be willing to resize them if you have to.

And when you do choose your wedding rings, remember to take the engagement ring into account, and both your tastes. The wedding band has to fit in with the general style of the engagement ring, and be pleasing both to you and your spouse.

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