16 Best Black Diamond Engagement Rings

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Finding the right black diamond engagement ring feels like hitting a love home run – it’s super exciting, a little bit scary, but totally awesome when you find the perfect one. Black diamonds are really special and cool, so you’re going to wow your other half, especially if you both like things that stand out from the crowd.

In this list, you will find images to get inspired from but you will also find links to some actual rings you can buy from Leibish, they specialize in fancy-colored diamonds, so you are in the right place if you are looking for the best black diamond engagement ring. They also offer the option to let you try the ring virtually (photo upload or app). This is actually really useful if you’re browsing with your fiancee.

One last thing before we get to the list, if you find a nice ring on this list that is only for inspiration and you would like to buy something similar, you can customize your own ring with Leibish. From the setting and stone to the cut style and metal type, they help you craft a ring that reflects your unique love story and speaks to you both as a couple.

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Here is the list

We tried to pick different shapes, materials, and cuts so you have a wide range of rings to choose from. Usually, black diamonds can get quite expensive but with Leibish you will definitely get a fair price and a great quality.

1. Square Cut Black Diamond With Dainty White Diamond Halo in Rose Gold

Win her heart with this square-cut black diamond ring, shining in a dainty halo of little white diamonds. The whole thing is set in rose gold that gives it a warm, pretty glow. It’s simple and not too big, so it’s perfect for wearing all the time, whether she’s at work or out with friends. It’s a real eye-catcher that’s sure to make her smile.

2. Black Round Diamond Side-Stone Ring

Looking for something with a little more sparkle to go with that black diamond ? Try this ring, featuring a center round brilliant (black), and three colorless round brilliant diamonds flanking it on each side. The result is a beautiful contrast between the inky darkness of the center diamond and the dazzling sparkle of the side stones.

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3. Emerald Cut Black And White Three Stone Ring

Check out this ring with a big emerald-cut black diamond right in the middle, looking sleek and stylish. It’s got two clear diamonds on each side that make the black center stone stand out even more. The ring’s all set in a gold band that gives it a classic vibe. It’s bold and cool, perfect for someone who wants something a bit different but still really classy.

4. Marquise Black & Heart Diamond Three-Stone Halo Ring

Here’s something with even more dazzle ! A very impressive marquise-cut black diamond, surrounded by a beautiful halo of sparkling round diamonds, and flanked by a heart-shaped diamond on each side. This is one of the most poetic and artistic rings on the list – normally you’d see such a ring with a richly colored stone. But this engagement ring showcases the black diamond in all its dark beauty.

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5. Rose Twisted Ring With Black And White Diamonds

Here’s a twist on a classic: a shiny gold ring with a twist rose design that’s got black diamonds all along the band. In the center, there’s a white diamond that really stands out against the black. It’s stylish and unique, perfect for someone who likes a ring that’s a little different and super eye-catching.

6. Black Oval Diamond and Ruby Ring

This black beauty is something to behold ! An oval shaped black diamond with a checkered facet cut is the center stone, surrounded by a halo of small round colorless diamonds. On the sides you’ve got a pair of pear-cut rubies (purplish-pink) also surrounded by a halo of colorless diamonds, with plenty of colorless diamonds studded along the band, almost to the bottom. There’s also a hidden gallery, also diamond-studded, showing off the center black diamond. This ring is not for everyone, in fact we’d see it on someone who might be deeply into dramatic, possibly gothic aesthetic, or perhaps someone who absolutely adores jewelry with a medieval tone.

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7. Cluster Black Diamond Ring With White Diamond Halo On Pave Band

This ring is a real stunner with a bunch of black diamonds grouped together in the middle, making a cool cluster. They’re wrapped in a circle of bright white diamonds, which makes the black ones pop even more. The band is white gold and covered in little black diamonds that add even more drama. It’s a modern, eye-catching look that’s perfect for someone who loves to stand out.

8. Black Round 3 Stone Diamond Ring

Like the idea of a black diamond center stone but you’re not sure you want so many side stones ? Then perhaps this three-stone ring is a better option. The center black diamond is flanked by two round-cut colorless diamonds, adding just enough sparkle to make the ring pop, without worrying over the number of stones and prongs.

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9. Oval Black Diamond With White And Yellow Diamond Burst Halo

Here’s a ring that truly sparkles: a shiny oval black diamond surrounded by a burst of yellow and white diamonds, creating a stunning halo effect. All of this sits on a gold band. It’s a beautiful mix of colors and shine that’s sure to catch the eye and turn heads. Perfect for someone who loves a bit of drama and elegance on their finger.

10. Black Round Diamond Side-Stone Ring 

A beautiful take on the classic pave solitaire, this engagement ring features a round-cut black diamond solitaire, set in 4 double prongs, and flanked by pave-set colorless diamonds. Beautiful, simple, focus is on the center diamond, while the band is there to provide contrast with its dazzling collection of diamonds.

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11. Black Heart Shaped Diamond In Rose Gold

This ring is a true love statement, featuring a heart-shaped black diamond set in the middle of a rose gold band. It’s wrapped in a halo of tiny white diamonds that add a bit of sparkle to the bold, dark stone. Simple yet striking, it’s a perfect pick for someone who wants their love symbol to be as deep and enduring as the black diamond itself.

12. Black Marquise Solitaire Diamond Ring 

Marquise cuts aren’t easy to wear, and neither are black diamonds. The ring belongs to someone with a bold sense of style, someone not afraid to be themselves even if it flies in the face of convention.

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13. Vintage Black Diamond Ring

This vintage-inspired ring makes a bold statement with its large black diamond center. The classic white gold setting is adorned with sparkling white diamonds, giving a nod to the past while making it perfect for the present. It’s an elegant choice for someone who appreciates the charm and character of vintage design.

14. Black Round Diamond Solitaire Ring

The simplest and yet the most elegant of all the engagement rings – the solitaire with a plain band. The simplicity of the ring showcases the quality of the metal, but also the beautiful black round diamond. Really it’s one of the best ways to showcase the center diamond – leave nothing else around, and all the focus will be on the inky black diamond. If you look closely enough in the sunlight, you might be able to see the many, many dark imperfections that make up the body of a black diamond.

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15. Black & Grey Diamond Halo Ring On Pave Band

This ring showcases a captivating black diamond, surrounded by a halo of grey & black diamonds, all set on a delicate pave band. There is no bright sparkle here, only the deep inky black diamonds and their smoky grey counterparts, creating a most eye-catching piece that’s both modern and sophisticated. It’s a fresh take on the classic halo ring that will stand out on any hand.

16. Black Round Side Stones with Split Shank Diamond Ring

A bit of dazzle, with a split shank this time. This engagement ring is another very popular style – split shank pave – that brings the focus to the center diamond by leading the eyes with the ring band. As it splits in two and merges with the solitaire, it creates a smooth, seamless line while also offering some protection by using the band as a diamond guard.

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Before you go

It’s not easy to choose the perfect engagement ring for your partner, one that speaks to you both. But we do hope this list has at least given you plenty of inspiration to work off ! If you liked something you saw on this list but want to tweak a detail or two, remember that you can customize your ring on Leibish.

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