32 Best Diamond Engagement Rings

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Picking out the perfect diamond engagement ring is kind of like hitting the love jackpot – it’s thrilling, a tad nerve-wracking, but oh-so-rewarding when you find “The One.” It’s not just about grabbing any sparkly diamond; it’s about hunting down that one ring that screams “us” in every facet and sparkle.

In this list, you will find images to get inspired from but you will also find links to some actual rings you can buy.

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Here is the list

We tried to pick different shapes, materials, and cuts so you have a wide range of rings to choose from.

1. Pear Diamond Solitaire Set On A Yellow Gold Pave Band

diamond ring 1

This stunning ring features a pear-shaped diamond that takes center stage, set on a yellow gold band studded with smaller diamonds. The warmth of the gold complements the brilliance of the diamonds, creating a look that’s classic and dazzling. It’s a perfect choice for someone who appreciates elegance with a modern twist.

2. Round White Diamond 3 Stones Engagement Ring

Three stone engagement rings offer thrice the sparkle of a solitaire, and this graduated ring with 3 brilliant colorless diamonds is here to let you see for yourself. The center diamond is set with double prongs, which adds a bit of flair to the ring. Overall a simple but beautiful ring, and definitely one that allows nearly any kind of wedding band style, as the ring band is very simple.

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3. Emerald Cut Diamond With Diamond Halo And Pave Band in White Gold

diamond engagement ring 3

This elegant ring boasts an emerald-cut diamond encircled by a halo of sparkling smaller diamonds. The diamonds extend along the white gold pave band, adding extra shimmer with every turn of the hand. It’s a luxurious choice that combines modern style with a nod to classic design.

4. Oval Diamond Halo Ring

Halo rings are a classic, just like the solitaire, but they bring more sparkle and shine. This ring features an oval-cut diamond with round-cut halo diamonds and channel-set diamonds along the band as well. Dazzling, comfortable (no prongs on the band), and the halo gives the illusion of a larger diamond. Overall a great ring, and one that will definitely please most brides-to-be as halo rings have been highly popular for the past decade !

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5. Oval Cut Diamond With Halo And Pave Band Set In White Gold

Diamond engagement ring 5

This eye-catching piece features an oval-cut diamond surrounded by a sparkling halo. The shine continues down the white gold band, which is adorned with smaller diamonds set closely together for that extra glimmer. It’s a ring that’s both classic and glamorous, sure to stand out on any finger.

6. Rose Gold Fancy White Diamond Engagement Ring

An interesting take on the popular halo rings, this is a rose gold ring with colorless diamonds in the halo and along the band, but it features a fancy white diamond. It’s a warm, hazy sort of white diamond, and it pairs beautifully with the rose gold setting. It also features a hidden diamond gallery and diamonds on the underside of the prongs, so overall a very intricate and beautiful ring !

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7. Oval Cut Diamond In Pave Split & Tapered Shank

Diamond engagement ring 7

Here we have an enchanting engagement ring featuring an oval-cut diamond at its heart. The diamond is nestled within a split shank band that tapers elegantly as it wraps around the finger, the band itself sparkling with a myriad of tiny, pave-set diamonds. It’s a design that combines tradition with a twist, sure to captivate and charm.

8. White Emerald Shape 3 Stone Diamond Ring

This Emerald Cut 3 Stone Diamond Ring is sleek and totally glamorous. The big diamond in the middle is cut in a cool emerald shape that’s all about sharp lines and showcases the diamond’s quality. And the diamonds on the sides? They’re like the perfect sidekicks — long and shiny trapezoid cuts, making the whole ring light up. It’s made for someone who likes their bling with a bit of an edge but still wants that classic vibe.

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9. Emerald Cut Diamond With Emerald Cut Emerald Side Stones and Trapezoid Diamonds in White Gold

Diamond engagement ring 9

This ring is a true masterpiece, combining classic and bold elements with effortless grace. At the center lies an emerald-cut diamond, clear and radiant, flanked by two striking emerald-cut emeralds that add a vibrant pop of color. Small trapezoid diamonds hug the main stones, enhancing their sparkle. Set in a sleek white gold band, this ring is a perfect blend of traditional charm and modern sophistication.

10. Radiant Diamond Halo Ring 

This Radiant Diamond Halo Ring is all about the sparkle. It’s got a shiny diamond in the middle that’s just right – not too big, not too small. The diamond is surrounded by a bunch of little diamonds that give it an extra shiny halo. The band is also studded with diamonds, so the sparkle goes all the way around. It’s perfect for someone who loves a bit of glam and wants their hand to really stand out.

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11. Cushion cut Solitaire Diamond with Pave Band in White gold

diamond engagement ring 11

This engagement ring features a cushion-cut solitaire diamond that takes center stage with its captivating sparkle. The diamond is mounted on a sleek white gold band, studded with a delicate trail of smaller diamonds that twinkle with every move. It’s a modern yet timeless design, perfect for someone who cherishes elegance with a hint of glamour.

12. Radiant Diamond & Colorless Double Halo Ring

This Radiant Diamond & Colorless Double Halo Ring is double the fun with its two layers of sparkle. The main diamond is cut in a chic squared radiant and lights up any room with its shine. It’s framed by not one, but two halos of clear, sparkly diamonds, making it a total stunner. The band’s got diamonds too, so it glitters from every angle. This ring’s perfect for the one who loves to shine bright and feel fancy.

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13. Graduated Diamond Ring With Round Diamonds In Platinum

This ring showcases a gracefully graduated design, with a brilliant round centerpiece diamond leading to slightly smaller diamonds along the sides, all set in a band of lustrous platinum. The tapering effect of the diamonds draws the eye to the splendor of the central stone, making it an exquisite choice for a timeless engagement ring that will be treasured for years to come.

14. Cushion Diamond Halo Ring

This Cushion Diamond Halo Ring has got it all – a soft-looking, pillow-shaped diamond that’s super sparkly and a halo of bright diamonds that make it pop. The white gold band is dotted with more diamonds for that extra twinkle. It’s a ring that’s sure to get a bunch of “wow”s and make her feel like a star.

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15. Vintage Three Stone Diamond Ring With Oval & Round Diamonds in Yellow Gold

diamond engagement ring 15

The charm of this vintage-inspired three-stone ring is undeniable. It features a central oval diamond, flanked by two sparkling round diamonds, all set in a warm yellow gold band. The combination of different shapes gives this ring an interesting and captivating look, with a nod to classic romance and enduring style. This piece is a beautiful choice for anyone drawn to the timeless appeal of vintage design and the brilliant luster of diamonds.

16. Oval & Heart Diamonds Three-stone Halo Ring

This Oval & Heart Diamonds Three-stone Halo Ring is like a love story in sparkle. The big oval diamond in the middle is all kinds of shiny, and it’s hugged by two heart-shaped diamonds – how cute is that? They all sit in a halo that gives off serious glimmer. The band is pretty but simple, so those diamonds really steal the show. It’s the kind of ring that says ‘I love you’ with every little twinkle.

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17. Round Diamond With Halo And Pave Band Set In Rose Gold

This exquisite ring features a brilliant round diamond, surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds, all set in a delicate rose gold band with a pave setting that extends halfway around. The rose gold setting enhances the sparkle of the diamonds, offering a warm contrast that truly makes the center stone stand out. This ring strikes a beautiful balance between elegance and flair, making it a perfect choice for a romantic gesture that will last a lifetime.

18. White Brilliant Diamond Side Stone Ring

This White Brilliant Diamond Side Stone Ring is classic and chic all the way. It’s got a big round diamond that’s super sparkly in the middle. On each side, you’ve got bezel set smaller diamonds that are all about adding a bit of shine without stealing the spotlight. The whole ring is done in shiny white gold, making it the perfect pick for someone who loves things that are elegant and will never go out of style.

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19. Round Diamond With Floating Double Halo And Pave band Set In White gold

This stunning ring boasts a brilliant round diamond that appears to float within a double halo of glittering diamonds. The halos create a magnificent effect, amplifying the sparkle and making the central diamond seem even larger. This luxurious design continues along the band with a pave setting of diamonds, all mounted in polished white gold. It’s an exquisite piece that captures attention with its dazzling brilliance and sophisticated charm, ideal for someone who loves a statement piece that radiates timeless elegance.

20. White And Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Halo Ring

This White and Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Halo Ring is like sunshine on your finger. The center is a clear, sparkly white diamond that’s all glitz, and it’s wrapped up in a halo of bright yellow diamonds that are sure to grab attention. The silver band is lined with more white diamonds for that extra twinkle. It’s a fun twist on a classic look, perfect for someone who loves a splash of color with their bling.

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21. Emerald Cut Diamond With Baguette Side Stones Set In White & Yellow Gold

diamond engagement ring 21

Presented here are two emerald-cut diamond rings, each with baguette side stones that enhance the main gem’s luster. One ring glimmers in white gold, providing a sleek and modern look, while the other shines in yellow gold, offering a warm and classic elegance. Both settings frame the central stone beautifully, creating a harmonious blend of traditional grace and contemporary design—perfect for those who appreciate a blend of timeless sophistication with a hint of individuality. Whether you’re drawn to the cool tones of white gold or the rich glow of yellow gold, each piece is crafted to showcase the diamonds’ natural brilliance and fire.

22. White Brilliant Cut Diamond Side Stone Ring

This White Brilliant Cut Diamond Side Stone Ring is a mix of classic and cool. The main diamond is crystal clear and really sparkles, and the band is a bright, shiny white gold. But the twist is on the sides where you’ve got these amazing yellow diamonds that give it a unique pop of color. It’s stylish, it’s fun, and it’s perfect for lighting up her look with a bit of sunshine.

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23. Dainty Heart Shaped Diamond Solitaire Set On a Plain Rose Gold Band

This heart-shaped diamond solitaire ring exudes charm and romance. Perched on a plain, smooth rose gold band, the diamond’s silhouette stands out, representing love’s pure heart. The design’s simplicity draws all eyes to the central diamond’s shape, a subtle statement of affection and classic sentimentality. This ring is like a soft whisper of love, ideal for those who favor understated beauty with profound meaning.

24. Oval And Trapezoid Diamond Side Stone Ring

This Oval and Trapezoid Diamond Side Stone Ring is a true stunner. The big oval diamond in the center is a real sparkler, and the trapezoid-shaped diamonds on the sides add a modern, edgy feel. It’s all set in a bright, shiny band that really shows off the diamonds’ sparkle. It’s perfect for the person who loves a mix of classic elegance and contemporary cool.

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25. Oval Diamond With Emerald Cut Emerald & Round Diamond Side Stones & Channel Set Princess Diamonds

Diamond engagement ring 25

A stunning engagement ring features an oval-cut diamond center stage, flanked by emerald-cut emeralds that provide a vivid contrast with their lush green color. Round diamond side stones add extra brilliance, while channel-set princess diamonds along the band give a touch of nobility. This ring marries classic elegance and contemporary flair, ideal for anyone who values timeless beauty with a modern twist.

26. Colorless Round Brilliant Diamond Halo Ring

This Colorless Round Brilliant Diamond Halo Ring is a masterpiece of sparkle and design. Right in the middle is a round diamond that’s clear as day and shines bright. Around it, you’ve got a halo of diamonds set in a unique pattern that’s sure to stand out. The band splits into elegant strands that are all covered in diamonds, making this ring a total showstopper for someone who loves a bit of drama and lots of shine.

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27. Radiant Cut Diamond With Halo And Pave Band Set In Rose gold

An exquisite rose gold engagement ring centers around a radiant cut diamond, encircled by a shimmering halo of smaller diamonds. The band, pave-set with diamonds, adds to the ring’s lustrous charm. The rose gold’s warm hue perfectly complements the diamonds, offering a piece that exudes elegance and romance—a luxurious symbol for those who adore contemporary design fused with everlasting grace.

28. Pear Shaped Halo Diamond Engagement Ring & Wedding Band Set 

This Pear Shaped Halo Diamond Engagement Ring & Wedding Band Set is the full package. The engagement ring features a pear-shaped diamond that’s like a drop of pure sparkle, and it’s framed by a halo of little diamonds that add extra shine. The matching wedding band is lined with diamonds too, making it a perfect pair. The set is elegant, a little bit playful, and totally perfect for saying ‘I do’ with style.

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29. Delicate Vintage Ring With Oval Solitaire and Domed Flush Round Diamonds On The Band

This vintage engagement ring presents an oval solitaire diamond nestled within a classic setting. The band features a sequence of domed, flush-set round diamonds, offering a tender glow. The ring’s design, with its understated elements, accentuates the central diamond’s elegance, creating a synthesis of simplicity and intricate detail. It’s a splendid option for admirers of the quiet beauty inherent in vintage jewelry.

30. Princess Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring & Wedding Band Set

This Princess Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring & Wedding Band Set is all about modern elegance. The engagement ring stars a sharp princess cut diamond surrounded by a halo that really makes it stand out. The wedding band is no less dazzling, with a full row of diamonds to match. It’s a chic and sophisticated set, perfect for the one who loves a touch of contemporary charm in their forever jewelry.

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31. Round Diamond Cluster Ring Set in Platinum

The image presents a captivating cluster ring with a collection of round diamonds that come together in a scintillating display. The stones are expertly set in a platinum band, presenting an alluring alternative to the classic solitaire ring. This design ensures a radiant shimmer with every movement, perfect for those who enjoy a blend of modern design and timeless, captivating glamour.

32. Colorless Round Brilliant Diamond Halo Ring

This Colorless Round Brilliant Diamond Halo Ring shines with a clear, bright sparkle. At its center, the round brilliant diamond is pure and dazzling, framed by a halo of smaller diamonds that add a spectacular shine. The band is lined with more diamonds, giving the whole ring a cohesive and radiant look. It’s the kind of classic beauty that’ll never go out of style, perfect for someone who appreciates timeless elegance.

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Before you go

It’s not easy to choose the perfect engagement ring for your partner, one that speaks to you both. But we do hope this list has at least given you plenty of inspiration to work off ! If you liked something you saw on this list but want to tweak a detail or two, remember that you can customize your ring on Leibish.

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