32 Best Sapphire Engagement Rings

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Take a look at our top picks of 32 sapphire engagement rings. Every ring has that classic, elegant look, with beautiful deep blue sapphires in all kinds of styles.

In this list, you will find images to get inspired from but you will also find links to some actual rings you can buy from Leibish, they specialize in fancy-colored diamonds and gemstones, so you are in the right place if you are looking for the best sapphire engagement ring. They also offer the option to let you try the ring virtually (photo upload or app). This is actually really useful if you’re browsing with your fiancee.

One last thing before we get to the list, if you find a nice ring on this list that is only for inspiration and you would like to buy something similar, you can customize your own ring with Leibish. From the setting and stone to the cut style and metal type, they help you craft a ring that reflects your unique love story and speaks to you both as a couple.

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We tried to pick different shapes, materials, and cuts so you have a wide range of rings to choose from. Usually, sapphire engagement rings can get quite expensive but with Leibish you will definitely get a fair price and a great quality.

1. Round Sapphire With Diamond Halo Set in Yellow Gold

Central to this piece is a deeply hued round sapphire, exuding a regal and mysterious charm. Encircling the sapphire, a halo of sparkling diamonds adds a radiant contrast, while the warm yellow gold band provides a classic foundation for this exquisite arrangement. This ring is a fusion of traditional elegance and luxurious design, perfect for marking a momentous occasion.

2. Royal Blue Sapphire Cushion & Diamond Side stone Ring

Capture her heart with this cushion-cut sapphire solitaire ring, set in a diamond pave band. It’s simple enough to be beautiful and elegant from all angles, but large enough to catch the eye. A cushion cut brings plenty of light into the sapphire, so the color will pop.

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3. Round Blue Sapphire with Diamond Halo And Pave Band

This ring is featuring a rich blue sapphire at its heart, encircled by a halo of twinkling diamonds. The band is adorned with smaller diamonds, giving it a continuous sparkle. Set against a serene backdrop, the ring’s colors are both bold and romantic, perfect for a symbol of enduring love.

4. Royal Blue Cushion Sapphire & Triangle Diamond Halo Ring

A more glam version of the cushion solitaire, this cushion-cut sapphire is flanked by a triangle-cut diamond on each side, surrounded by a halo of round colorless diamonds, and set on a pave band. This is something she’ll absolutely love !

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5. Vintage Pear Shaped Sapphire With Milgrain Band (Rose Gold)

This ring features a pear-shaped sapphire with a captivating deep blue hue, seated gracefully in a rose gold setting. The band is adorned with vintage-inspired milgrain detailing, adding layers of classic elegance to the piece. Its timeless design makes it a symbolic treasure of commitment and love.

6. Oval Sapphire Side-stone Diamond Ring

On the smaller, daintier side we’ve got an oval-cut sapphire set atop a diamond pave band. Simple, elegant, and surely a ring that will easily fit into her daily life and not get in the way of work, school, or home life, while still dazzling anyone who looks.

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7. Vintage Cushion-Cut Sapphire With Diamond Halo And Accent Diamonds

This elegant ring exudes vintage charm, showcasing a cushion-cut sapphire at its heart, surrounded by a halo of brilliant diamonds. Further enhancing its appeal, additional diamonds are intricately set, contributing to its overall aura of sophisticated timelessness. It stands as a beautiful testament to enduring love, with a nod to the romantic allure of bygone eras.

8. Sapphire Radiant & Triangle Diamond Three-stone Halo Ring

A big, beautiful ring for someone with fine taste – this radiant-cut sapphire is surrounded by a halo of round diamonds, and guarded by a triangle diamond on either side.

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9. Oval Sapphire With White Diamond Side Stones Set in Yellow Gold

This elegant ring presents a magnificent oval sapphire, with its deep blue hues evoking a sense of grandeur and timeless sophistication. Flanked by the brilliance of white diamond side stones, the sapphire is beautifully contrasted and complemented. The entire arrangement is masterfully set in yellow gold, which adds a warm, luxurious glow to the piece. This ring, with its classic design and striking color combination, is a perfect symbol of enduring love and commitment.

10. Royal Blue Sapphire Cushion & Diamond Engagement Ring

Here’s a ring that might appear simple at first glance – a sapphire solitaire on a plain band – but it also features two bullet-cut diamonds on either side of the sapphire, making this a subtle yet beautiful three-stone ring.

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11. Cushion Cut Sapphire With Diamond Halo And Pear Diamond Accent Stones On A Split Shank Pave

This exquisite ring features a cushion-cut sapphire, a stone renowned for its deep blue allure, which serves as the centerpiece. Surrounding the sapphire, a halo of twinkling diamonds magnifies its beauty, while pear-shaped diamond accents on each side add an unexpected and elegant flair. The split shank band, paved with diamonds, enhances the ring’s sparkle and provides a fitting throne for the sapphire, making this piece an embodiment of sophistication and an enchanting choice for a promise of eternal love.

12. Marquise Sapphire & Heart Diamond Three-Stone Halo Ring

This beautiful, impressive ring features a marquise-cut sapphire, surrounded by a halo of graduated diamonds and flanked by a pair of heart-shaped diamonds. This ring might remind you of Edwardian era rings, with a modern twist.

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13. Platinum-Set Oval Sapphire With White Diamond Halo

This ring boasts a striking oval sapphire, set in platinum to enhance its rich blue hue. Encircling the sapphire, a halo of white diamonds adds a radiant contrast, each stone meticulously placed to catch the light. The platinum setting not only provides a secure embrace for the stones but also offers a sleek, timeless look. This piece is a classic example of elegance and charm, ideal for someone who appreciates the enduring beauty of sapphire.

14. Round Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring

A sapphire take on the classic solitaire, this is a round-cut sapphire set atop a diamond pave band. Simple, dazzling, elegant, and still manages to impress.

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15. Vintage Oval Blue Sapphire with Spaced Out Diamond Halo And Milgrain Detailing On A Split Shank White Gold Band

This piece features a captivating vintage design with a lustrous oval blue sapphire at its heart, cradled in a split shank white gold band. Around the sapphire, spaced-out diamonds create a halo, interspersed with intricate milgrain detailing for a textured, antique feel. The band itself splits elegantly as it reaches the centerpiece, adding a modern twist to the overall traditional aesthetic. This ring melds old-world charm with contemporary elegance, making it an exceptional choice for those who treasure unique design elements.

16. Blue Sapphire and Diamond Double Halo Platinum Ring

Halo rings have been popular for a while now, and what could be better than a halo ring ? A double halo ring ! This beauty features a center sapphire surrounded by two dazzling diamond halos, set on a sparkling pave band.

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17. Round Sapphire with Diamond Halo and Bar-Set Accent Sapphires and Diamonds In White Gold

This striking ring boasts a magnificent round sapphire, which takes center stage, encircled by a radiant halo of diamonds. Adding to its grandeur are bar-set sapphires and diamonds along the shoulders, providing a blend of color and sparkle. The white gold setting complements the cool tones of the gemstones, offering a sturdy and sleek foundation for the jewels. It’s a harmonious fusion of classic elegance and modern styling, perfect for those who appreciate a sophisticated touch of color.

18. Emerald-Shaped Sapphire & Trapezoid Diamond Three-stone Ring

A geometric-looking ring that harkens back to the Art Deco era in a subtle way, this beautiful emerald-cut sapphire is flanked by two trapezoid diamonds, and set atop a pave band. The yellow gold claw prongs holding the sapphire provide beautiful contrast.

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19. Vintage Rose Gold Oval Sapphire Ring With Diamond Halo and Diamond Accent Stones

This vintage-inspired ring features a captivating oval sapphire at its heart, enveloped by a halo of glittering diamonds that amplify the sapphire’s deep blue hue. Set in romantic rose gold, this piece is further adorned with delicate diamond accents along its band, which enhance the ring’s overall sparkle and charm. The rose gold setting brings a warm, vintage feel to the design, making it an elegant choice for someone with a love for classic beauty with a touch of modern flair.

20. Oval Royal Blue Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring

Does the Late Princess Diana & Kate Middleton’s engagement ring sound like the perfect ring ? Then this oval-cut sapphire and halo diamond might just be the one ! Of course, it differs from the original royal engagement ring by having small diamonds mounted on the band as well, but it might be the extra glam you’re looking for.

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21. Oval Cut Spit Oval Halo With Marquise And Round Diamonds

This ring showcases an enchanting oval sapphire, beautifully framed by a distinctive split oval halo of marquise and round diamonds. The sparkling diamonds enhance the rich blue of the sapphire, creating an alluring contrast against the sleek band. It’s a luxurious and timeless piece that beautifully balances classic elegance with a modern twist.

22. Oval Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring

Let her fall in love with this oval sapphire ring surrounded by diamonds. It’s got a big, bold sapphire that really shines, and the diamonds around it make it pop even more. The band is simple and shiny, so it looks great but won’t get in the way. It’s perfect for making any day special and adding some sparkle to everything she does.

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23. Vintage Round Sapphire With Diamond Halo and Diamond Accent Stones in Yellow Gold

This ring is a vintage-inspired masterpiece, featuring a captivating round sapphire at its heart, encircled by a halo of glittering diamonds. The deep blue hue of the sapphire is a classic symbol of elegance and is superbly complemented by the warmth of the yellow gold setting. Additional diamonds grace the band, adding sparkle and charm to the design. It’s a ring that seems to tell a story of timeless romance and enduring beauty.

24. Exceptional No Heat Sapphire and Diamond Halo Side Stone Ring

This No Heat Sapphire and Diamond Halo Side Stone Ring is a real showstopper. It’s got a huge, dazzling blue sapphire that’s all natural – no heat treatment to enhance its color. It’s super sparkly, surrounded by a bunch of little diamonds that make it stand out even more. Plus, there are diamonds set on the sides for that extra wow factor. It’s fancy but totally wearable, perfect for someone who loves a bit of everyday glam.

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25. Pear Cut Sapphire With Small Round Cut Diamonds in Platinum

This engagement ring is a beautiful blend of traditional elegance and modern design. It features a stunning pear-cut sapphire, known for its depth of color and association with royalty and romance. The sapphire is flanked by small, round-cut diamonds, which add a sparkling contrast to the vivid blue gemstone. Set in platinum, a metal prized for its strength and luster, the ring has a sleek and durable band that ensures a timeless appeal. This piece captures the essence of a classic style while maintaining a contemporary edge.

26. Extraordinary Oval Blue Sapphire and Diamond 3 Stone Ring

This Oval Blue Sapphire and Diamond 3 Stone Ring is a real eye-catcher. It’s got a big blue sapphire in the middle that’s bright and super pretty. On each side, there’s a sparkling diamond that adds even more shine. The whole thing is set on a white gold band that’s smooth and comfy to wear. It’s a classy ring that’s perfect for someone who loves things that are simple yet stunning.

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27. Emerald-Cut Sapphire with Graduated Emerald Cut Diamonds Set in Platinum

This is a luxurious and sophisticated ring, featuring a captivating emerald-cut sapphire as the centerpiece. The sapphire is known for its deep blue hue, often associated with depth and wisdom. It’s flanked by graduated emerald-cut diamonds on either side, which enhance the overall sparkle and draw attention to the central stone. The platinum setting adds a touch of class, providing a sturdy and hypoallergenic foundation for the gemstones. This ring is a perfect fusion of classic elegance and enduring style, making it a significant choice for someone who appreciates timeless beauty.

28. Classic Blue Sapphire Brilliant Solitaire Ring

Check out this Blue Sapphire Brilliant Solitaire Ring that’s simple and totally beautiful. It’s got one deep blue sapphire right in the center, with nothing to distract from its prettiness. The band is sleek and shiny, super easy to wear every day. It’s the kind of ring that’s perfect for someone who loves a bit of color and wants something special without being too flashy.

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29. Simple Round Sapphire Solitaire Set in Rose gold

This ring embodies simplicity and elegance with its round sapphire solitaire, beautifully held by a rose gold setting that provides a warm contrast to the deep blue of the sapphire. The design is modern yet timeless, with a slender band that emphasizes the gemstone’s rich color and brilliance. It’s a piece that could be perfect for someone who values understated elegance and the enduring appeal of a single, stunning sapphire.

30. Cornflower Blue Sapphire Cushion and Diamond Double Halo Ring

This Cornflower Blue Sapphire Cushion and Diamond Double Halo Ring is a knockout! It’s got a gorgeous bright blue sapphire that’s just like a clear summer sky. And check out those two diamond halos around it – they make it shine like crazy. It’s a big, sparkly piece that’s sure to turn heads and make her feel super special.

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31. Fancy Vintage Cushion Cut Sapphire With Diamond Halo And Alternating Diamonds and Sapphires In Yellow Gold

sapphire engagement ring 31

This ring is a captivating piece of jewelry that boasts a cushion cut sapphire as its centerpiece, radiating with deep, oceanic hues. The sapphire is framed by a dazzling halo of round diamonds, which adds an exquisite brightness and contrast. Along the yellow gold band, alternating smaller sapphires and diamonds create a harmonious balance of color and sparkle. The vintage styling of the ring, with its intricate yellow gold setting, suggests a timeless quality and a nod to historical elegance. The overall design unites classic charm with a touch of regal sophistication.

32. Emerald No Heat Blue Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Ring

This Emerald No Heat Blue Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Ring is something special. The center stone is a big, bold squared emerald-cut sapphire with a stunning deep blue color that’s totally natural. Flanking the sapphire are two long, clear diamonds that add a sleek touch. It’s a classic with a twist, the kind of ring that’s perfect for someone who’s all about that blend of old-school cool and modern style.

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Before you go

It’s not easy to choose the perfect engagement ring for your partner, one that speaks to you both. But we do hope this list has at least given you plenty of inspiration to work off ! If you liked something you saw on this list but want to tweak a detail or two, remember that you can customize your ring on Leibish.

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