33 Oval Engagement Rings That Sparkle With Love

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Step into timeless elegance with our handpicked selection of 33 oval engagement rings. From vintage-inspired beauties crafted in radiant gold to dazzling designs featuring sparkling side stones, three-stone settings, and enchanting halos, each ring is poised to capture hearts and create unforgettable memories. I’ve also included a few engagement and wedding ring set ideas since oval stones are a great fit for this.

In this list, you will find images to get inspired from, but you will also find links to some actual rings you can buy.

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We tried to pick different shapes, stones, styles and metals so you have a wide range of oval engagement rings to choose from.

1.Three-Stone Tapered Baguette & Oval Diamond Engagement Ring In 18k Yellow Gold

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This elegant ring features a sparkling oval-cut center diamond, exquisitely complemented by two tapered baguette diamonds, creating a sophisticated and timeless three-stone design. The 18k yellow gold band enhances the overall warm glow, providing a classic contrast that brings out the brilliance of the diamonds. The design represents a journey, with each stone signifying the past, present, and future, making this ring a perfect symbol of a lifelong commitment. It’s an excellent choice for someone who appreciates traditional elegance with a touch of modern flair.

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2. Oval Solitaire On Pave Band In White Gold

This is a beautiful ring featuring an oval solitaire, likely a diamond, set on a slender white gold band that’s been adorned with smaller diamonds. The diamonds along the band catch the light and add extra sparkle to the overall design, highlighting the centerpiece. This combination of a larger center stone with a pave band is a classic and popular choice for an engagement ring, offering a balance of elegance and brilliance.

3. Luna Sapphire And Oval Diamond Engagement Ring In Platinum

This exquisite ring is a stunning combination of classic design and vivid color contrast. At the heart of the ring is a dazzling oval-cut diamond, gracefully held in place by a secure setting. Flanking the central stone are deep blue sapphires, whose rich color beautifully accentuates the bright sparkle of the diamond. Additional round diamonds are tastefully arranged along the band, enhancing the ring’s overall luminosity. Set in durable platinum, this piece embodies both strength and beauty, making it an ideal symbol of a deep and enduring love.

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4. Oval Diamond Pave Wedding Set Mounted In Yellow Gold

This ring set features a stunning oval diamond as the central focus, complemented beautifully by the surrounding pave diamonds that cascade down the sides of the yellow gold band. The set includes a matching wedding band that fits snugly with the engagement ring, enhancing the sparkle and luxury. The yellow gold setting offers a classic warmth that highlights the brilliance of the diamonds, creating a wedding set that’s both sophisticated and timeless.

5. Crescent Fancy Pink Pavé Oval Diamond Open Engagement Ring In 14k White Gold

This ring presents an innovative and stylish design that catches the eye. It features a magnificent, oval-cut center stone that radiates brilliance and clarity, mounted on a sleek 14k white gold band that assures both durability and shine. The unique character of this ring comes from the crescent of fancy pink diamonds that line one side, creating a stunning pavé setting. The delicate pink hue of these diamonds offers a gentle contrast against the white gold, resulting in a modern yet romantic look. This ring is a statement piece that would make any engagement a memorable occasion.

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6. Oval Ruby & Diamond Side Stone Wedding Set, In White Gold

This wedding set presents a radiant oval ruby, exuding a deep and passionate red, as the centerpiece. Flanking the ruby on each side are sparkling diamonds, set in a lustrous white gold band, enhancing the rich hue of the central stone. The accompanying wedding band, also in white gold, is lined with diamonds, mirroring the engagement ring’s design. This set perfectly marries the boldness of the ruby with the timeless elegance of diamonds.

7. Two Stone Oval Diamond Engagement Ring With Oval Sapphire In 14k White Gold

This striking two-stone engagement ring features a dazzling oval sapphire paired eloquently with a clear, bright oval diamond, both set in 14k white gold. The deep blue of the sapphire offers a classic, sophisticated look, while the diamond brings a traditional sparkle to the design. This ring is a perfect blend of modern style and classic romance, making it an ideal symbol of a union that is both strong and beautiful.

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8. Vintage Oval Sapphire Engagement Ring With Diamond Side Stones

This ring is a vintage-inspired piece, featuring a majestic oval sapphire at its center, flanked by two brilliant diamonds on either side. The band, crafted in warm gold, is adorned with additional diamonds that extend down the shank. The intricate details and the timeless combination of sapphire and diamonds make this ring a captivating choice for someone with a love for classic design and a touch of history.

9. East West Halo Oval Diamond Engagement Ring In 14k White Gold

This stunning engagement ring features an eye-catching, east-west set oval diamond at its center, encircled by a halo of twinkling diamonds that amplify its brilliance. Crafted in 14k white gold, the ring combines a contemporary design with a touch of timeless elegance. The orientation of the central stone makes it a distinctive choice, offering a modern twist on the classic halo ring style. It’s a luxurious and elegant piece, perfect for someone who loves a blend of the unique with the traditional.

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10. Oval Halo Engagement Ring With Pave Band In White Gold

This ring is an exquisite piece featuring an oval central diamond surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds. The pave band, set in white gold, sparkles with a multitude of diamonds that add brilliance to the design. This ring combines elegance with a modern flair, making it a perfect choice for someone who loves a show-stopping piece of jewelry that radiates with every move.

11. Oval Cut Heiress Halo Diamond Engagement Ring In Platinum

The ring presents an exquisite oval cut diamond that captures the light magnificently, cradled by a captivating halo of smaller diamonds that create a stunning display of sparkle. This heirloom-quality engagement ring, set in a durable platinum band that’s adorned with even more diamonds, represents a symbol of lasting love and commitment. Its design strikes a beautiful balance between modern sophistication and the grandeur of bygone eras, making it an ideal choice for someone who treasures both the past and the present.

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12. Oval Diamond With Split Halo & Shank In White Gold

This ring is truly a stunning creation, featuring a brilliant oval diamond at its heart. The unique split halo design, where the halo divides as it reaches the stone, adds a captivating twist to the traditional halo setting. The ring’s band splits elegantly into two shimmering paths, encrusted with diamonds, leading up to the central stone and enhancing its sparkle. Crafted in white gold, this ring is a perfect fusion of modern style and classic romance, making it an ideal choice for a cherished engagement ring.

13. Micropavé Double Halo Oval Diamond Engagement Ring In 14k White Gold

This elegant engagement ring features a shimmering oval diamond, nestled within not one, but two delicate halos of micropavé diamonds. The dual halos add an extraordinary level of brilliance and depth, while the 14k white gold band, also adorned with micropavé diamonds, enhances the ring’s overall sparkle. This ring is a dazzling choice that is sure to make a statement of sophistication and eternal love.

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14. Vintage Oval Diamond Wedding Set with Diamond Accents, Set In Rose Gold

This ring is a captivating blend of timeless elegance and intricate design. The oval diamond centerpiece is gracefully held in place by a rose gold setting, providing a vintage feel. Surrounding the main stone are intricate diamond accents that cascade down the band, enhancing the romantic appeal of the ring. The warm glow of the rose gold complements the bright sparkle of the diamonds, creating a harmonious and luxurious look. This wedding set, with its combination of classic and ornate elements, is a true testament to a bygone era of craftsmanship, offering a piece that’s both a statement and a symbol of enduring love.

15. Two Stone Engagement Ring With Fancy Yellow Cushion Diamond & Clear Oval Diamond In 14k White Gold

The ring boasts an exceptional two-stone design, featuring a radiant cushion-cut diamond with a fancy yellow hue on one side and a classic clear diamond on the other. Each stone is securely held in place with a four-prong setting. The 14k white gold band provides a sleek, modern contrast to the warm yellow diamond, making this ring a unique and captivating symbol of unity and love. It’s perfect for someone who cherishes distinctive elegance.

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16. Oval Diamond Ring with Diamond Side Stones In Platinum

This ring showcases a stunning oval-cut diamond as its centerpiece, flanked by smaller diamond side stones that add a touch of brilliance. The main diamond’s large surface area accentuates its sparkling facets, catching the light beautifully. Set in sleek platinum, the ring’s design ensures that the focus remains on the diamonds, making it a truly timeless piece. The use of platinum not only provides a secure setting for the stones but also offers a bright, white sheen that enhances the overall luminosity of the ring. This piece is an elegant choice that combines classic style with modern sophistication, perfect for someone who appreciates the beauty of simplicity enhanced by the luxurious touch of side stones.

17. Cadillac Three Stone Oval Engagement Ring In 18k Yellow Gold

This striking ring features a majestic central diamond with sharp, clear facets that capture the light brilliantly. Flanking the centerpiece are two tapered, Cadillac-shaped diamonds, which add a sophisticated and modern touch. The 18k yellow gold band complements the sparkling diamonds with its warm, rich tone. The three-stone arrangement symbolizes a couple’s past, present, and future, making this ring an emblem of a lifelong journey together. It’s a luxurious choice that’s sure to make a statement.

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18. Dainty Halo Oval Diamond Ring On A Rose Gold Setting

This is a dainty and elegant ring featuring a halo design that encircles an oval diamond. The halo and band are fashioned in warm rose gold, which contrasts beautifully with the bright sparkle of the diamond. The delicate proportions of the halo enhance the diamond’s size and brilliance without overpowering it, creating an exquisite balance. This design is both romantic and timeless, with a contemporary twist offered by the rose gold setting—a perfect combination for those who love traditional elegance with a hint of modern flair. The ring’s overall appearance suggests it is a choice of understated luxury and grace.

19. X Split Shank Hidden Halo Oval Diamond Engagement Ring In 14k White Gold

This ring is a true showstopper with its dazzling central diamond encircled by a hidden halo of sparkling accents. The x-shaped split shank is a modern take on the classic band, bringing an air of contemporary elegance to the piece. Each arm of the shank is also adorned with smaller diamonds, enhancing the ring’s sparkle from every angle. Crafted in 14k white gold, this ring combines timeless beauty with a bold, modern design that’s sure to make any moment unforgettable.

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20. Vintage Oval Halo With Pear Side Stones & Micropave Band Set In White Gold

This ring features a stunning design that exudes vintage charm with its intricate details. The central oval-cut diamond is encased in a halo setting, enhancing its size and brilliance. Flanked by pear-shaped side stones, the main diamond’s sparkle is further accentuated, creating an exquisite visual appeal. The micropavé band adds a delicate yet glamorous touch with its tiny diamonds, contributing to the overall radiance. All these elements are beautifully crafted in white gold, giving the ring a timeless and sophisticated look that would make it an exquisite choice for an engagement.

21. Catarina Oval Diamond Engagement Ring In Platinum And 18k Yellow Gold

The Catarina Diamond Engagement Ring combines the luster of platinum with the warmth of 18k yellow gold to present a captivating and luxurious aesthetic. At its center, an oval diamond gleams, framed by a halo of smaller diamonds set in yellow gold that enhances the brilliance of the central stone. The contrasting platinum band, studded with additional diamonds, adds a refined and sophisticated touch. This stunning piece is both an homage to classic design and a celebration of modern craftsmanship, perfect for making a lifetime commitment.

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22. Vintage Oval Ring with Diamond Side Stones & Accents On A Tapered Yellow Gold Band

This is a beautifully crafted piece with a vintage flair, featuring a prominent oval-cut central diamond that radiates as the centerpiece. The diamond side stones and delicate accents along the band augment the ring’s overall brilliance. The band itself is tapered, which provides an elegant transition from the wider setting of the main stone to the slimmer back of the band. The yellow gold setting adds a warm, classic touch to the piece, complementing the sparkle of the diamonds. This ring is a stunning combination of traditional charm and sophistication, likely to be a treasured piece for generations.

23. Oval Two Tone Trio Twist Diamond Engagement Ring In 14k Rose And White Gold

The Two Tone Trio Twist Diamond Engagement Ring presents a captivating dance of light and color. This design features a brilliant central diamond set between bands of 14k rose and white gold. The intertwining twist pattern of the band, accentuated with twinkling diamonds, offers a modern yet romantic appeal. The contrasting metals create a unique and eye-catching look, making this ring a stunning symbol of love and devotion.

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24. Simple Solitaire Oval Engagement Ring In White Gold

This is an elegant solitaire engagement ring with a sleek white gold band, highlighting a solitary oval diamond set in a classic four-prong setting.

25. Oval Two Tone Petite Twist Diamond Engagement Ring In 14k Rose And White Gold

The Two Tone Petite Twist Diamond Engagement Ring is a delicate fusion of 14k rose and white gold, which effortlessly wraps around the finger, creating an elegant twist. This graceful design holds a dazzling central diamond, with the band partially lined with smaller diamonds to add a subtle sparkle. The warmth of the rose gold combined with the brightness of the white gold and the radiance of the diamonds creates a harmonious blend, perfect for those who love a touch of modern sophistication with their romance.

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26. Vintage Halo Oval Engagement Ring In Two Tone Gold

This exquisite piece is a vintage-inspired halo engagement ring featuring a central oval-cut diamond. The centerpiece is encased in a halo of smaller round brilliant diamonds, enhancing the ring’s sparkle. Crafted in a two-tone setting, the ring combines the warm hues of yellow gold with the contemporary elegance of white gold, providing a striking contrast. The yellow gold band is intricately designed, leading up to the white gold halo setting which makes the center stone stand out. The diamonds on the band and around the halo are carefully set to maximize their brilliance and to give a timeless and sophisticated appeal.

27. Vintage Oval Hand-Engraved Solitaire Engagement Ring In 18K Yellow Gold

This ring is a treasure, showcasing a single radiant diamond perched in a secure setting. What makes it truly stand out is the band of 18k yellow gold, which is artfully carved with delicate designs. This hand-engraved detail gives the ring an heirloom quality, like a precious piece passed down through generations. It’s a ring that doesn’t just symbolize love, but also craftsmanship and tradition. It’s for someone who values history and the personal touch of artistry in their jewelry.

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28. Oval & Pear Engagement Ring On A Twist Micropave Band Set In White Gold

This engagement ring is a harmonious blend of classic elegance and modern design. It showcases a stunning oval-cut center diamond, flanked by two pear-shaped diamonds that create a unique three-stone look. These side stones delicately taper away from the center, accentuating the ring’s overall sparkle.

29. Riviera Pavé Sapphire And Oval Diamond Engagement Ring In Platinum

This ring is a vision of elegance, featuring a bright center diamond embraced by a band of alternating sapphires and smaller diamonds. Set in platinum, the band’s durability matches its timeless design. It’s perfect for someone who loves a classic look with a pop of color. The deep blue sapphires add depth and distinction, making this ring not just a statement of commitment but also of style.

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30. Pave Halo Oval Engagement Ring With Side Stones In White Gold

This ring features an enchanting oval-cut diamond, which is the centerpiece that draws the eye with its captivating brilliance. The diamond is nestled within a halo of smaller pavé diamonds, enhancing its size and sparkle. Additional diamonds cascade down the sides of the slender white gold band, adding to the ring’s luminosity and elegance.

31. Oval Chevron Solitaire Engagement Ring In 14k White Gold

This is a graceful ring, with its sleek 14k white gold band forming a chevron shape that leads the eye to the stunning central diamond. Its simple elegance makes it an enduring symbol of love. The design is both modern and timeless, perfect for someone who appreciates clean lines and a ring that will complement any occasion or style.

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32. Oval Ruby 3-Stone Ring In Rose Gold

This ring boasts a striking oval ruby, held securely in place by a rose gold setting. The ruby, a gemstone revered for its deep red hue, is flanked by two brilliant round diamonds, creating a classic three-stone look that symbolizes the past, present, and future. The warm tones of the rose gold band complement the ruby’s rich color, while the sparkling diamonds add a touch of timeless elegance. The ring’s sleek design ensures that the ruby remains the star of the show, making it a perfect choice for someone who appreciates the beauty of colored gemstones paired with the luxuriousness of diamonds and gold.

33. French Pavé Oval Diamond Engagement Ring In 14k White Gold

The ring features a magnificent central diamond set in a 14k white gold band. The band is adorned with smaller diamonds along its shoulders, set closely together for a brilliant, continuous sparkle that enhances the central stone. This style is known as French pavé, a technique that creates a seam of light around the band, adding an extra touch of glamour to the ring’s classic elegance. It’s an exquisite choice for someone special who cherishes a mix of sophistication and shine.

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It’s not easy to choose the perfect engagement ring for your partner, one that speaks to you both. But we do hope this list has at least given you plenty of inspiration to work off ! If you liked something you saw on this list but want to tweak a detail or two, remember that you can customize your ring on Blue Nile.

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