25 Wedding Bands For Women – Perfect Complements To Your Engagement Ring

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide featuring 25 exquisite wedding bands for women, each designed to symbolize everlasting love and commitment. In this article, we’ll explore a variety of metals, including silver, platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, and how they complement popular engagement ring styles like oval and emerald cut.

In this list, you will find images to get inspired from, but you will also find links to some actual wedding bands you can buy. However, if you find a nice wedding band on this list that is only for inspiration and you would like to buy something similar, you can check Blue Nile’s collection since they have a wide range of choices.

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We tried to pick different shapes, stones, styles, and metals so you have a wide range of wedding bands to choose from.

1. Lab Grown Diamond Low Dome Eternity Ring In 14k White Gold

This is a low dome eternity ring featuring a continuous line of brilliant cut lab-grown diamonds set in 14k white gold. Each diamond is meticulously held in place, showcasing the brilliance and precision of the stones. The ring’s white gold band provides a sturdy and polished base that enhances the overall sparkle. The eternity design symbolizes never-ending love, making this ring an ideal choice for a wedding band, anniversary gift, or an everyday piece to celebrate enduring affection.

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2. Vintage Filigree Wedding Band With Round Diamond Solitaire

This wedding band exudes a vintage charm, featuring intricate filigree work in a warm rose gold setting that gives it an air of antique elegance. At its heart lies a round diamond solitaire, cradled in a classic four-prong setting that ensures maximum brilliance and sparkle. The band’s detailed openwork, inspired by patterns from bygone eras, adds a sense of depth and dimension, making it a stunning symbol of a love that’s as enduring as its design. Perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of yesteryear’s craftsmanship combined with the durability and warmth of modern precious metals.

3. V-Prong Pave Diamond Wedding/Anniversary Ring In 14k Yellow Gold

This wedding/anniversary ring features a series of round-cut diamonds set in a V-prong pave setting along a 14k yellow gold band. The V-prong setting not only secures the diamonds but also allows for maximum exposure of each stone to light, enhancing their sparkle. The warmth of the yellow gold complements the brilliance of the diamonds, making it a timeless piece to celebrate milestones and special moments.

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4. Elegant Eternity Ruby And Diamond Wedding Band In Two Tone Gold

This wedding band is a harmonious marriage of luxury and timeless style. It features a continuous loop of deep red rubies and dazzling diamonds, all set in a refined two-tone gold band. The rubies, rich with color and passion, symbolize love and commitment, while the diamonds add a touch of everlasting sparkle, symbolizing the strength and durability of the bond. The two-tone gold setting provides a modern twist, offering versatility in style and the ability to complement various jewelry pieces. This ring is not just a piece of jewelry but a profound emblem of a love that’s both fiery and steadfast.

5. Milgrain Swirl Wedding Ring In 14k Yellow Gold

This ring is a beautifully crafted piece in 14k yellow gold featuring intricate milgrain detailing and a swirl pattern. The design gives it a vintage appeal, perfect as a standalone statement or stacked with other rings for a more layered look. The fine milgrain edging adds texture and a touch of elegance, making it a versatile accessory suitable for various occasions.

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6. Vintage Eternity Diamond Wedding Band

This is a beautiful vintage eternity diamond wedding band. It showcases a series of glittering diamonds that completely encircle the band, symbolizing never-ending love. The intricate milgrain detailing along the edges adds a touch of antique elegance, reminiscent of heirloom jewelry. The warm hue of the gold complements the brilliance of the diamonds, creating a harmonious blend of sparkle and subtle luxury. This wedding band is a testament to a timeless commitment, crafted to be treasured for generations.

7. Seven Stone Princess Lab Grown Diamond Ring In 14k Rose Gold

This is a 14k rose gold ring featuring a row of seven sparkling princess-cut lab-grown diamonds. The design of the ring is modern and sleek, highlighting the clean lines and geometric beauty of the princess-cut stones. Set in a warm rose gold band, this ring offers a contemporary yet romantic look, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate a blend of modern style with traditional diamond elegance. It’s an eco-conscious choice as well, with lab-grown diamonds being a more sustainable alternative to mined stones.

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8. Eternity Emerald Cut Diamond Wedding Band In Yellow Gold

This stunning wedding band is a seamless circle of emerald-cut diamonds, set in lustrous yellow gold. The stones are expertly matched for size and clarity, creating a continuous ribbon of sparkle that encircles the finger, symbolizing a love that lasts eternity. The yellow gold setting adds a classic warmth to the modernity of the emerald cuts, marrying tradition with contemporary elegance. It’s a refined choice that would complement both modern and vintage engagement rings beautifully.

9. Riviera Pavé Ruby And Diamond Ring In Platinum

This ring is a platinum Riviera Pavé piece, elegantly set with a sequence of vivid rubies and sparkling diamonds. The rich red rubies are finely matched and set in a line, creating a striking contrast against the cool sheen of the platinum band and the brilliance of the interspersed diamonds. The pavé setting, known for its “paved” appearance, ensures that the gemstones are the focal point, creating a continuous sparkle around the band.

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10. Simple Wedding Band In Two Tone Gold

This wedding band features a simple yet elegant design, merging two tones of gold to create a timeless piece. The warm hue of yellow gold pairs beautifully with the sleek sophistication of white gold, offering a subtle contrast that’s both modern and classic. The band’s clean lines and smooth finish ensure comfortable wear, making it a perfect choice for daily use as a symbol of love and commitment.

11. Alternating East-West Emerald Cut Diamond And Sapphire Eternity Ring In 14k White Gold

This eternity ring is a harmonious blend of precision and artistry, featuring alternating east-west emerald cut diamonds and sapphires, all encased in a 14k white gold setting. The use of emerald cut stones offers a glimpse into the clear depths of the gemstones, with their elongated facets and layered corners creating a hall-of-mirrors effect that is both mesmerizing and elegant. The rich blue sapphires add a vibrant contrast to the icy sparkle of the diamonds, symbolizing fidelity and sincerity. Designed to symbolize an unbreakable bond, this ring makes a profound statement as a celebration of enduring love.

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12. Braided Two Tone Gold Wedding Band

This wedding band showcases a striking braided design, masterfully intertwining two distinct tones of gold. The band combines the warmth of yellow gold with the cool luster of white gold, creating an intricate, woven pattern that symbolizes the union and intertwining of two lives. The texture and depth of the braid add an artistic touch to the band, making it a symbol of both love and craftsmanship. This band could be an ideal choice for those who appreciate the blend of traditional symbolism with a unique design element.

13. Petite Twist Diamond Eternity Ring In Platinum

This wedding band is a delicate yet dazzling choice, featuring a row of brilliant round diamonds that twist around the band in a graceful infinity shape, crafted in lustrous platinum. The design of the band is both modern and timeless, with the intertwining structure symbolizing the intertwining of two lives. The continuous loop of diamonds represents eternal love, making it an ideal symbol of marriage. The platinum setting offers a durable and hypoallergenic option that ensures this band will maintain its beauty for a lifetime of wear.

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14. Elegant Eternity Sapphire And Diamond Wedding Band In Platium

This wedding band is a luxurious piece that radiates with timeless elegance. It features a full circle of alternating sapphires and diamonds, symbolizing eternity and the unbreakable bond of marriage. The deep blue sapphires provide a striking contrast against the sparkling diamonds, set in a precious platinum band that ensures durability and lasting shine. With its continuous line of gems around the band, it offers a dazzling display from every angle, perfect for someone who appreciates classic style with an opulent touch.

15. 7-Stone Radiant-Cut Yellow Diamond Ring In 18k Yellow Gold

This wedding band is an exquisite piece, featuring seven radiant-cut yellow diamonds set in a polished 18k yellow gold band. The radiant-cut diamonds are known for their stunning brilliance and clarity, capturing light beautifully with their cut. Each diamond is securely held in a classic four-prong setting, which allows for maximum exposure of the diamonds while ensuring their safety.

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16. Eternity Wedding Band In White Gold

This is a beautiful eternity wedding band, elegantly crafted in white gold. It features a full circle of brilliantly cut diamonds, which encapsulate the concept of eternal love. The choice of white gold for the band ensures a durable and stylish setting, which enhances the sparkle of the diamonds. The uninterrupted circle of gems represents a love that is unending and constant, making this ring a significant and cherished symbol of a lifelong commitment.

17. Crescendo Curved Diamond Guard In 14k White Gold

This curved diamond guard doubles as wedding band and is a striking piece, designed to add an extra layer of brilliance to an engagement ring. Crafted from 14k white gold, it has a unique, contoured silhouette that allows it to nestle perfectly with another ring. The band is adorned with a sequence of sparkling diamonds that follow its gentle curve, each meticulously set to amplify the ring’s overall shine and appeal. It’s a modern take on a traditional guard or enhancer, perfect for someone looking to complement their engagement ring with a touch of creativity and elegance.

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18. Fancy Eternity Ruby Wedding Band In Rose Gold

This is an eternity band, featuring a full circle of vivid red rubies set in rose gold, complemented by delicate diamond accents. The deep hue of the rubies, alongside the warm tones of rose gold, offers a luxurious and romantic appeal. It’s a wedding band that signifies everlasting love, with the continuous line of gemstones representing an unbroken bond. The choice of rose gold for the setting adds a vintage charm and a modern twist to the traditional wedding band design.

19. Infinity Twist Micropavé Diamond Wedding Ring In 14k Rose Gold

The Infinity Twist Micropavé Diamond Wedding Ring is a symbol of enduring love, elegantly crafted in 14k rose gold. The design features a timeless infinity symbol, representing limitless affection and connection. The twists of the infinity motif are encrusted with micropavé diamonds, adding a luxurious sparkle that captures the light with every movement.

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20. Zirconia Eternity Band In 925 Silver

This ring is a classic eternity band, elegantly set with sparkling cubic zirconia stones that encircle the band, symbolizing endless love. Crafted from high-quality 925 sterling silver, it presents a timeless design with a modern flair. The silver’s luster complements the zirconia’s brilliance, making it an exquisite choice for a wedding band or anniversary gift. Its construction ensures a comfortable fit for everyday wear while dazzling any onlookers.

21. Regal Curved Diamond Ring In 14k White Gold

The Regal Curved Diamond Ring is a majestic piece crafted in 14k white gold, exuding elegance and sophistication. Its curved band showcases a series of intricately placed diamonds that glitter with timeless charm. The diamonds are arranged to create a sense of movement, mimicking the gentle waves of a regal gown, adding to the ring’s luxurious appeal. This ring is designed to complement an engagement ring or stand alone as a statement piece. It’s perfect for someone who adores the finer things in life and cherishes jewelry with a royal touch.

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22. Vintage Filigree Rose Gold Eternity Diamond Wedding Band

This is a beautifully crafted vintage filigree eternity band, fashioned in rose gold. It features a continuous line of shimmering diamonds, fully encircling the band, symbolizing never-ending love. The intricate filigree work adds a touch of antique charm, while the rose gold setting offers a warm, romantic glow. This band is a blend of classic elegance and timeless design, perfect for a wedding band or an anniversary celebration.

23. Channel Set Round Diamond Ring In 18k Yellow Gold

The Channel Set Round Diamond Ring is a classic and elegant piece that features a band of lustrous 18k yellow gold. Encased within the channel setting are brilliant round-cut diamonds that catch the light from every angle, illuminating the ring with their sparkle. This piece is a blend of traditional design and contemporary elegance, perfect as a wedding band, anniversary ring, or a sophisticated addition to any jewelry collection.

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24. Vintage White Gold Wedding Band With Diamond Accents

This wedding band is a stunning example of vintage-inspired craftsmanship. Fashioned in white gold, it boasts a detailed design with milgrain edging that exudes an antique aesthetic. The band is adorned with diamond accents that sparkle brilliantly, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. This ring is a testament to timeless design and would make a beautiful symbol of everlasting love on any bride’s finger.

25. Double Twist Diamond Insert In 18k Yellow Gold

The Double Twist Diamond Insert Guard presents a captivating design crafted in warm 18k yellow gold. This exquisite piece showcases a double helix twist, each ribbon-like strand adorned with a row of glittering diamonds that provide an endless shimmer. This unique structure not only symbolizes an eternal bond but also adds a modern twist to the classic diamond ring. It’s a versatile piece that can enhance an engagement ring or stand alone as a statement of elegance and sophistication.

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As you embark on your journey to find the perfect wedding band, remember to consider not only the design but also the metal type that best suits your personal style and complements your engagement ring. Whether you choose the timeless elegance of platinum, the classic appeal of white gold, the warmth of yellow gold, or the romantic blush of rose gold, your wedding band will serve as a beautiful symbol of your enduring love and commitment for years to come.

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