23 Striking Men’s Wedding Bands – Gold, Platinum, Tungsten & More

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide showcasing 23 exceptional wedding bands for men, each crafted to represent enduring love and commitment. Throughout this article, we’ll explore a range of metals including silver, platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, tungsten, tantalum, and stainless steel discussing how each complements different styles and preferences. We will also show you wedding band ideas with and without diamonds or other gemstones.

In this list, you will find images to get inspired from, but you will also find links to some actual wedding bands you can buy. However, if you find a nice wedding band on this list that is only for inspiration and you would like to buy something similar, you can check Blue Nile’s collection since they have a wide range of choices.

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We tried to pick different shapes, stones, styles, and metals so you have a wide range of wedding bands to choose from.

1. Satin Finish Black Diamond Wedding Ring In Dark Tantalum

This is a distinctive wedding band with a bold and modern design. The ring is crafted from dark tantalum, known for its durability and dark sheen, offering a unique, contemporary appearance. It features a channel of black diamonds set around the band, which contrast strikingly with the satin finish of the metal. The combination of the dark tantalum and black diamonds creates an understated yet sophisticated look, making it an ideal choice for someone who prefers a non-traditional, men’s wedding ring.

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2. Matte Black Tungsten Men’s Wedding Band

This men’s wedding band is crafted from black tungsten, known for its durability and modern look. The band features a brushed finish that gives it a subtly textured appearance, contrasting beautifully with the polished edges. The ring’s sleek and contemporary design is perfect for those who prefer a sophisticated, minimalist aesthetic. Tungsten is a popular choice for wedding bands due to its toughness and resistance to scratching, making this ring not only stylish but also an excellent symbol of enduring love.

3. Satin Finish Wedding Ring In Black Titanium And 14k Yellow Gold

This men’s wedding band features a striking combination of materials and finishes that create a stylish, modern look. The band is designed with black titanium, which provides a strong, lightweight feel and a deep, matte black color that gives the ring a very masculine edge. A bold stripe of 14k yellow gold runs along the edges, offering a luxurious contrast to the black titanium. The satin finish on the gold softens its shine, allowing the natural beauty of the metal to come through without overpowering the black titanium. This ring is a contemporary choice that harmonizes the rich warmth of yellow gold with the sleek, modern appeal of black titanium.

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4. Black Tungsten And Gold Inlay Men’s Wedding Band

This is a men’s wedding band combining the sleekness of black tungsten with the classic warmth of gold. The band showcases a sophisticated contrast with a matte black tungsten outer band and a smooth, polished gold interior, highlighting the union of contemporary and traditional styles. The outer band’s brushed finish provides a modern touch while the gold inside offers a timeless appeal. This ring is an emblematic piece for someone who appreciates a bold, yet elegant, statement in their jewelry.

5. Lab Grown Diamond Two Tone 5-Stone Men’s Band In 14k Yellow Gold

This men’s band elegantly combines the classic appeal of 14k yellow gold with the modern sophistication of lab-grown diamonds. The band features a distinctive two-tone design, with the warm luster of yellow gold forming the ring’s interior and edges, providing a comfortable fit and a traditional touch. The outer surface showcases a brushed metal finish in a contrasting cool tone that frames five brilliantly cut lab-grown diamonds. These diamonds are channel set, offering a sleek profile with a touch of opulence. This ring is an excellent choice for a gentleman who appreciates a blend of timeless style and contemporary elements.

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6. Yellow Gold Men’s Wedding Band With Black And Colorless Diamonds

This men’s wedding band exemplifies modern elegance and bold contrast. Crafted in lustrous yellow gold, the band features a striking channel of rich black diamonds, complemented by a singular, shining colorless diamond. The juxtaposition of the inky diamonds against the warm glow of the yellow gold creates a sophisticated aesthetic. The band’s polished finish enhances the gemstones’ brilliance, making it a distinctive choice for a wedding ring that combines timeless style with a contemporary twist.

7. Brushed Beveled Edge Wedding Ring In 14k White And Yellow Gold

This men’s wedding ring showcases a harmonious blend of dual tones with its brushed 14k white gold center and polished 14k yellow gold edges. The white gold surface boasts a brushed finish that delivers a subtle, matte texture, exuding contemporary masculinity. This is elegantly contrasted by the bright, polished beveled edges in yellow gold, adding a classic and refined detail. The ring’s design achieves a balance between modern and traditional aesthetics, making it a timeless piece for a wedding band. The combination of finishes and colors caters to a groom seeking a distinguished and stylish symbol of love.

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8. Cable Inlay Stainless Steel Men’s Wedding Band

This men’s wedding band features a unique and modern design, showcasing a stainless steel material with a cable inlay that wraps around the center. The ring has a sleek appearance with a subtle contrast between the smooth steel and the textured cable. Its robust construction and timeless design make it an excellent choice for a durable and stylish wedding band. The contrast in texture and sheen adds depth to the band, making it an attractive piece for those who appreciate intricate details and industrial-inspired aesthetics.

9. Classic Wedding Ring In 14k Yellow Gold

A classic men’s wedding ring in 14k yellow gold is the quintessential symbol of enduring love and commitment. Crafted from rich 14k yellow gold, this ring features a timeless design with a smooth, polished finish that exudes elegance and sophistication. Its unembellished simplicity makes it a versatile choice that complements any style, while the warmth of the yellow gold offers a traditional appeal. The ring’s band typically has a comfortable fit, designed for everyday wear, representing the wearer’s devotion. Such a classic piece is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the beauty of simplicity and the enduring nature of gold.

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10. Rounded Tungsten Wedding Band

This is a men’s wedding band made from tungsten, known for its durability and lustrous, dark sheen. The ring features a rounded profile which gives it a classic and timeless look. Its polished finish reflects light, providing a subtle contrast against the ring’s inherently dark color. This wedding band combines the appeal of a traditional design with the modern touch of tungsten, making it suitable for those who prefer a ring that is both contemporary and enduring.

11. Celtic Trinity Knot Inlay Wedding Ring In 14k White Gold

This ring is a 14k white gold wedding band that boasts a captivating Celtic Trinity Knot inlay. This design is rich in symbolism, with the interwoven patterns representing unbreakable bonds and the interconnectedness of life, love, and spirituality. The Trinity Knot, or Triquetra, is a traditional Celtic symbol with historical significance and is often associated with eternity and eternal love due to its unending lines. The 14k white gold provides a sleek, modern backdrop for the intricate knotwork, creating a blend of ancient tradition and contemporary style.

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12. Vintage Filigree White Gold Men’s Wedding Band

This men’s wedding band presents an exquisite vintage design with intricate filigree work. Crafted in white gold, its detailed engraving is reminiscent of classic artisan jewelry, offering a timeless appeal with a touch of elegance. The polished white gold enhances the elaborate patterns, providing a beautiful contrast that highlights the craftsmanship. It’s a sophisticated choice for those who appreciate the charm of antique styles and seek a band with character and history.

13. Channel-Set Satin Finish Diamond Ring In Tantalum

This ring is a sophisticated men’s wedding band crafted from tantalum, known for its durability and dark sheen. It features a channel setting, which houses a row of sparkling diamonds that catch the light beautifully. The diamonds are framed by the satin finish of the tantalum, which gives the ring a modern and stylish matte appearance. The contrast between the shimmering diamonds and the subdued luster of the tantalum creates a balance of understated elegance and luxury. This wedding band is an excellent choice for someone who appreciates a mix of contemporary design with classic elements.

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14. Vintage Two Tone Gold Men’s Wedding Band With Diamonds

This is a luxurious men’s wedding band that showcases a refined vintage style. The ring features a two-tone design, with a central band of white gold that beautifully contrasts the warm hue of the yellow gold edges. Embellished with a row of sparkling diamonds, each set within a square frame, the ring exhibits a sophisticated elegance. The intricate detail around the diamonds adds a textured appeal, while the combination of metals offers versatility, making it a distinguished piece for a lifetime commitment.

15. Trio Stationed Channel-Set Diamond Wedding Ring In 14k White Gold

This men’s wedding ring is an elegant piece featuring a trio of diamonds stationed along a channel setting that adds a touch of brilliance to the band. The 14k white gold provides a sleek and contemporary backdrop for the diamonds, enhancing their sparkle. The band’s brushed finish gives it a refined texture, contrasting nicely with the polished edges, creating a visually interesting and modern look. This wedding band is a perfect choice for those who prefer a ring that combines the classic allure of diamonds with a masculine and sophisticated design.

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16. Satin Finish & Milgran Men’s Wedding Ring In Platinum

This men’s wedding ring exudes a timeless elegance, featuring a wide band of polished platinum. The ring has a satin finish that provides a sophisticated matte look, while the edges of the band are adorned with milgrain detailing, adding a touch of classic ornamentation. The contrast between the polished and satin finishes on the platinum enhances the overall design, giving the ring a modern yet traditional appeal, perfect for those who appreciate fine craftsmanship and subtle details.

17. Bold Diamond Eternity Ring In 14k Yellow Gold

This wedding ring is a robust piece that emanates a strong presence. Crafted in 14k yellow gold, it displays a series of beautifully inset diamonds that encircle the band, symbolizing a love that endures forever. The bold design features a satin finish with polished accents, highlighting the brilliance of the diamonds and giving the ring a distinctive two-tone appearance. This band combines the timeless appeal of yellow gold with the enduring symbol of diamonds to create a wedding ring that’s both commanding and elegant.

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18. Platinum Men’s Wedding Band With Sapphire And Diamonds

This is a sophisticated men’s wedding band expertly crafted from platinum. The ring features a central channel set with deep blue sapphires, which are flanked on both sides by sparkling diamonds. The use of contrasting stones creates a striking visual effect, and the polished platinum offers a sleek, contemporary look. The incorporation of both sapphires and diamonds is a classic design choice, providing a luxurious touch while retaining a masculine edge. This band is a testament to timeless design, blending modern materials with traditional gemstones to create a piece that is both elegant and enduring.

19. Men’s Ruby Edge Pave Band In 14k Rose Gold

This men’s wedding band features a compelling design that combines the warm tones of 14k rose gold with the rich hue of rubies. The band has a modern edge with dual rows of pave-set rubies lining its circumference, giving a luxurious and vibrant appearance. It’s an elegant and unconventional choice, exuding a strong character and sense of individuality. The ring’s substantial width and the contrast between the rose gold and the deep red of the rubies make a bold statement, perfect for a groom who wants a ring that stands out with sophistication and style.

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20. White Gold Wedding Band With Yellow Gold Cable Inlay

This is a modern men’s wedding band that elegantly combines white gold and yellow gold elements. The band itself is made from high-quality white gold, giving it a sleek and contemporary look. Adding to its unique design is a central yellow gold cable inlay, which provides a striking contrast against the white gold and introduces a texture that is both visually and physically noticeable. This blend of colors and textures creates a distinctive and masculine aesthetic, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer a wedding ring with a bit of character and distinction.

21. Men’s Black Diamond Pavé Edge Wedding Ring With Black Rhodium In 14k Rose Gold

This men’s wedding ring is a sophisticated blend of classic and modern styles. Crafted in 14k rose gold, it features a center channel of black diamonds set against a black rhodium backdrop, which amplifies the stones’ intensity and sheen. The juxtaposition of the black diamonds and the warm rose gold creates a striking contrast, while the sleek design maintains a sense of timelessness. The ring’s design is elegant yet masculine, making it an ideal symbol of love for a groom who appreciates a touch of uniqueness without straying too far from tradition.

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22. Yellow Gold Men’s Wedding Band With Rubies

This striking men’s wedding band is a luxurious and bold choice. It features a warm yellow gold body, polished to a high shine for a classic and timeless look. The central channel is set with a row of deep red rubies, providing a rich contrast to the gold and adding a touch of opulence to the overall design. Rubies are known for their durability and vibrant color, often associated with passion and love, making them an excellent choice for a wedding band. This ring is a perfect blend of traditional elegance and contemporary style, suitable for someone who appreciates fine details and wants a wedding band that stands out.

23. Men’s Black Diamond Pavé Wedding Ring With Black Rhodium In Platinum

This men’s wedding band is a luxurious piece that blends the timeless appeal of platinum with the edgy sophistication of black diamonds. The band is adorned with a row of black diamonds in a pavé setting, highlighted by black rhodium plating that gives the piece an extra depth and modern vibe. The sleekness of the platinum band, coupled with the dark allure of the black diamonds, creates a strong, yet elegant statement. It’s a wedding ring that symbolizes strength and everlasting commitment, perfect for a groom who desires a touch of uniqueness and luxury.

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As you search for your ideal wedding band, think about both the design and the metal that fits your style. Whether you prefer classic platinum, shiny white gold, warm yellow gold, or romantic rose gold, your wedding band will symbolize your lasting love and commitment.

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