19 Best Green Emerald Engagement Rings

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Explore timeless elegance with our selection of the finest 19 green emerald engagement rings. From vintage-inspired beauties, crafted in radiant gold, with sparkling side stones and three-stone designs, perfect for capturing hearts and creating everlasting memories.

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Here is the list

We tried to pick different shapes, materials, and cuts so you have a wide range of emerald engagement rings to choose from.

1. Emerald Cut Emerald with Tapered Cluster Diamond Halo Set in Yellow Gold

Celebrate love with this breathtaking emerald cut emerald ring, cradled in a luminous yellow gold setting. The emerald’s rich green is accentuated by a meticulously tapered cluster of diamonds that dance around the central stone like light rays. Its bold yet refined appearance makes it an eye-catcher, while the balanced design ensures it complements any look with ease. Crafted to be an heirloom, this ring marries the grandeur of the emerald with the sparkle of diamonds, offering a piece that’s both magnificent and heartwarming.

2. Colombia Emerald & Triangle Diamond Three-stone Halo Ring

This elegant ring features a striking Colombian emerald, its lush green depth offering a vibrant centerpiece. Flanking the emerald, two triangular diamonds create a three-stone setting that symbolizes the past, present, and future. The halo of smaller diamonds encircles the trio, amplifying their natural brilliance. This sophisticated piece, with its blend of classic and modern elements, makes for a stunning statement or an unforgettable engagement ring.

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3. Round Cut Emerald Solitaire On Tapered Diamond Pave Band

This ring features a sparkling round emerald, sitting proudly at the center. Its vibrant green color stands out against the shining band, which narrows gracefully and is dotted with tiny diamonds that catch the light. It’s a perfect blend of elegance and simplicity, making it an ideal choice for someone who loves the beauty of precious gems combined with a design that’s both stylish and wearable every day.

4. Muzo Emerald & Half-moon Diamond Three-Stone Halo Ring 

This stunning ring boasts a magnificent Muzo emerald, renowned for its vivid green color, set at the center. Flanked by half-moon diamonds on either side, it forms a classic three-stone design representing the journey of life. A halo of smaller diamonds frames the central stones, enhancing the emerald’s vibrant hues and the diamonds’ sparkle. The combination of the unique Muzo emerald with the romantic diamond shapes makes this ring an exquisite selection for anyone desiring a touch of grandeur and elegance.

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5. Radiant Cut Emerald On White Gold Pave Band

This ring stars a radiant-cut emerald, dazzling with its rich green shades. It’s held securely by four simple prongs on a band of white gold, which is lined with glittering diamonds that add a delicate sparkle. This design mixes modern with classic, ideal for someone who loves a pop of color with a sprinkle of timeless elegance. The emerald’s bold presence paired with the understated shine of the band creates a perfect balance for everyday wear or special occasions.

6. Muzo Emerald & Trapezoid Diamond Three-stone Ring

This striking ring features a Muzo emerald, cherished for its deep green brilliance, as the centerpiece. Flanking the emerald are trapezoid diamonds, which add a geometric touch to the classic three-stone setting. The band, pavé-set with glittering diamonds, completes the ring’s luxurious appeal. This piece combines the beauty of a rare Muzo emerald with the sharp elegance of trapezoid diamonds, making it a perfect choice for someone who loves statement jewelry that captivates and enchants.

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7. Oval Cut Emerald With Diamond Halo set In Rose Gold

This ring features a stunning oval cut emerald, its rich green color capturing the essence of elegance. The gemstone is framed by a halo of shimmering diamonds, which amplify the emerald’s natural beauty. Crafted in warm rose gold, the band provides a soft, romantic backdrop that makes the green of the emerald pop. It’s a charming piece that combines the vivid allure of the emerald with the delicate sparkle of diamonds, perfect for someone who loves a mix of color and classic style.

8. Oval Cut Emerald With Princess Diamond Band & Diamond Studded Prongs

This ring presents a beautiful oval cut emerald, held in place by diamond-studded prongs that add an extra touch of sparkle. The band is adorned with princess-cut diamonds, arranged in a sleek, elegant fashion. The combined brilliance of the diamonds beautifully complements the deep green of the emerald. This ring is a perfect union of grandeur and grace, suited for those who admire a dash of luxury alongside classic design.

9. Muzo Emerald & Half Moon Diamond Three-Stone Ring

This magnificent ring is graced with a vibrant Muzo emerald, renowned for its rich green color, presented in a classic emerald-cut. It’s accented with two half-moon diamonds on each side, creating a harmonious trio. The band is adorned with smaller diamonds for that extra sparkle. This ring combines the luster of a Muzo emerald with the unique silhouette of half-moon diamonds, all set in a band that brings out their collective shine—a perfect union of grandeur and elegance.

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10. Vintage Emerald With Diamond Accent Stones In White Gold

This ring features a striking emerald, cut in a classic vintage style and set amongst sparkling diamond accents. The white gold band provides a sleek, timeless look, ensuring that the vivid green of the emerald remains the star of the show. The diamonds around the emerald give it a majestic halo, creating a look that’s both elegant and sophisticated. It’s a piece that beautifully bridges old-world charm with modern-day luxury, ideal for someone who values a touch of history in their jewelry.

11. Colombian Emerald Stone No Oil Solitaire Engagement Ring

This ring features a stunning Colombian emerald, cherished for its unmatched vivid green color, presented as a solitaire to truly showcase its natural beauty. The emerald is expertly held in place with elegant golden prongs that add a touch of warmth to the design. The simplicity of the gold band ensures that the emerald remains the star of the show. It’s a ring that speaks volumes of sophistication and natural beauty, without the need for any enhancements or oil—a true testament to the allure of nature’s artistry.

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12. Graduated Emerald & Diamond Ring In White Gold

This ring features a beautiful, deep green emerald in the center, with a smart, graduated design that includes smaller diamonds on each side. The white gold band complements the bright colors of the stones, providing a sleek and modern setting. The combination of the bold emerald and the sparkle of the diamonds makes this a stunning piece that’s sure to stand out. It’s perfect for someone who loves a touch of color with their elegance.

13. Pear Cut Emerald In White Diamond Halo In Platinum

This ring features a pear-shaped emerald, known for its lush green shade, cradled by a halo of sparkling white diamonds. The platinum band provides a strong, yet elegant foundation for the stones. The design merges classic style with a touch of modern flair, making it a perfect choice for someone who appreciates the enduring beauty of emeralds complemented by the timeless dazzle of diamonds.

14. Vivid Green Octagon Emerald and Diamond 3 Stone Ring

This ring is a stunning example of elegance, featuring a vibrant green octagonal emerald, which is the centerpiece, flanked by two brilliant diamonds on each side. The emerald’s deep color and clear facets draw the eye, while the diamonds add a sparkling contrast. The three stones together symbolize a past, present, and future narrative, making it not only a piece of exquisite beauty but also one of meaningful sentiment. This piece is ideal for someone who values tradition, luxury, and a connection to the timeless beauty of natural gemstones.

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15. Vintage Emerald Ring With Diamond Side Stones & Pave Band In Rose Gold

This ring is a beautiful combination of classic and modern design. It features a rich green emerald cut in a traditional rectangle shape. The emerald is set in rose gold, which gives the ring a warm and romantic glow. Two round diamonds sit on each side of the emerald, and the band is decorated with small diamonds, adding a sparkle that complements the central stone. This ring is perfect for someone who loves the timeless appeal of emeralds and the luxurious feel of diamonds.

16. Antique Emerald & Diamond Flower Halo On Pave Band In Rose Gold

The ring presents a stunning emerald center stone, boasting a vibrant green color that captures the eye. It is artistically set within a unique flower-shaped halo of sparkling diamonds, evoking a sense of antique charm and intricate craftsmanship. The rose gold band, dotted with a trail of tiny diamonds, enhances the ring’s overall warmth and elegance. With its lovely floral design and vintage feel, this piece is a luxurious nod to the past, perfect for those who cherish both history and beauty in their jewelry.

17. Dainty Vintage Oval Cut Emerald With Diamonds And Two-Tone Gold

This charming ring features a petite oval-cut emerald, its deep green color offering a glimpse of nature’s beauty. The emerald is nestled in a bed of delicate diamonds that highlight its lush hue, and the two-tone gold setting—mixing classic yellow and sleek white gold—adds a touch of vintage elegance. It’s a dainty piece that speaks to a love of subtle intricacies and timeless design. Perfect for someone who treasures the blend of old-world charm and understated grace.

18. Round Cut Emerald With Double Diamond Halo On Split Shank In White Gold

This ring features a vibrant round-cut emerald that catches the eye with its rich green color. It’s framed by not just one, but two circles of sparkling diamonds that make the emerald stand out even more. The split shank of the ring, made of white gold, parts elegantly to hold the double halo setting, giving the ring a grand appearance. It’s a luxurious choice that combines the traditional beauty of emeralds with a dazzling design that’s sure to draw admiration.

19. Emerald & Diamond Starburst Halo Ring In Rose Gold

This ring presents a stunning emerald center, its deep green splendor creating a captivating focal point. Encircling the emerald, diamonds burst outward in a starburst pattern, each stone contributing to a radiant halo that celebrates the ring’s centerpiece. The warm rose gold setting enhances the vibrancy of the emerald and offers a striking contrast to the glitter of the diamonds. The band is delicately adorned with a row of diamonds, adding a touch of sparkle that completes the design with elegance. This piece combines the rich heritage of emeralds with the joyful exuberance of a starburst halo, all resting comfortably on a rose gold band.

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It’s not easy to choose the perfect engagement ring for your partner, one that speaks to you both. But we do hope this list has at least given you plenty of inspiration to work off ! If you liked something you saw on this list but want to tweak a detail or two, remember that you can customize your ring on Leibish.

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