What Is Druzy (Druse) ? Understanding The Tiny Glittering Crystals

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If you’re in any way gemstone-inclined then you’ve likely heard of druzy stones. Not everyone has seen these stones, and it’s not because they’re a mysterious gemstone. No, these stones don’t often appear in commercial jewelry because they’re more or less ignored, in favor of other, more impressive faceted stones. Let’s take a look at what druzy stones are in jewelry, how they form, and how they’re best set.

druzy stone

What is druzy in jewelry ?

Druzy stones are actually a small crystal formation on a layer of stone. They are a collection of very small crystals, like the inside of a geode but on a much smaller scale and usually on an open surface. These crystals come in many colors because their constituent minerals can be anything.

You may also find dyed druzy stones, though they are often left in their original colors, whatever those may be. If you’re wondering if a geode isn’t a druzy, you’re not completely wrong. A geode is completely closed with the crystals forming only on the inside, while a druzy may look like a piece of a broken geode.

Is druzy natural ?

Druzy stones are natural, usually forming in close proximity to riverbeds or in caves with condensation. These stones have a slightly dull appearance, since they’re basically untreated and uncut gemstones.

You can also find fake resin faux druzy stones. Those are much brighter in appearance, and can come in any color or color combination of you choosing, including color shifting versions.

How does a druzy stone form ?

The way a druzy stone forms is like most other crystals. As water flows into a rock crevice, it carries various minerals with it. The water eventually evaporates, and this seeds the crystals onto the rock surface. As more water eventually come in and deposits more minerals, the tiny crystals grow.

For this reason druzy crystals are usually found in places where water had been abundant and then evaporated, like old riverbeds, caves, or deep within the earth where water once flowed.

Druzy stones don’t form like other gemstones, in that they don’t necessarily need pressure and are not tightly wrapped in stone. This also makes them brittle and easy to break or crack, so they need to be handled with extra care.

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Are druzy stones expensive ?

No, druzy stones are not expensive precisely because they have small concentrations of crystals in them are aren’t as impressive as a regular cut gemstone. This means they are very affordable for those looking to get into crystals in general, and may also provide a really interesting talking point at your next gathering.

The most common druzy stones are made up of quartz, which is a an affordable gemstone compared to others. And because quartz can easily take different colors, you have a change of finding plenty of colors to choose from.

How can you wear druzy stones ?

Druzy stones are easily set into jewelry and work as everyday jewelry. They usually take up more space than a cut gemstone, the same way a cabochon take up more space.

So a ring with a druzy stone, in order to show off its colors, is going to be a bit larger like a signet ring. You can also get some really beautiful sets with druzy stones as necklaces and earrings, possibly even a ring.

We don’t recommend using druzy stones for a bracelet, since you cannot easily control how the bracelet moves. Thus you have a higher chance of breaking or fracturing the stone.

Because druzy stones are a bit larger than cut gemstones, they’re also a bit heavier to you may not want to get very large ones for your earrings.

Some druzy stones may be cabochons

Not all druzy stones are the same. Some of them form into very small stones and are almost completely closed, except for their top part. They look like tiny geodes with a beautiful finish on the outside and you can see the rough, small crystals on the inside.

Those stones are usually polished into a cabochon, and may look even more interesting than other druzy stones.

What is the best gem setting for druzy stones ?

The best gem setting for druzy stones is a bezel setting, because it offers the most protection and it keeps the stone in place best. You can also opt for a prong setting, though we recommend having the back of the druzy also covered, just to be safe.

Generally these stones are on their own in a jewelry piece, so you won’t easily see them accompanied by other gemstones or with a halo setting. Still, there are a few you can look for and the accompanying stones are commonly cubic zirconia.

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