Does Morganite Fade ? Does It Get Cloudy ?

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Morganites have been the sweetheart of the bridal space for a decade now, and there is no sign of them dropping in popularity. So if you’re looking for engagement ring ideas, morganite is definitely a top contender. Morganites have a beautiful pink-peach color that can sometimes dip into purple territory, and they exude a soft, feminine charm.

But do they fade in time ? Do morganites sparkle to begin with ? Can you wear them every day or are they too soft ? And what’s the best cut for morganites ? All this and more, coming right up !

Does morganite fade ?

Natural morganite does not fade in color over time or when exposed to sunlight. That being said, most morganite on the market is irradiated and heat treated and these do fade to their original, less saturated color when constantly exposed to sunlight.

True morganite has a very pale peachy-pink tone, which is usually too pale for most people to consider pretty. There re rare specimens that show a striking color without any treatment, but those are also expensive.

Most morganite you see on the market, whether loose or mounted, has been irradiated and heat treated to improve color. The yellow tones are removed for the most part, and the pink intensifies. This makes for a very pretty gemstone, but once the color starts to fade it will slowly return to its original pale color.

You may be wondering why sunlight can change the color. Sunlight is a form of radiation, and in many materials can cause bleaching, removing the color. This happens with irradiated morganite, irradiated topaz, amethyst, and even textiles left in the sun too long.

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Does morganite sparkle ?

No, morganite does not sparkle like a diamond, with rainbow colors. Morganite is a type of beryl, which is the same as aquamarine and emerald, neither of which sparkle. But all three have contrasting areas of very bright flashes and deep, intensified color. it’s this contrast that many people mistake for sparkle, but there is no rainbow sparkle in a morganite.

If you need your center gemstone to sparkle, you may like colored moissanite better. It’s in the same price range as morganite, and can come in any color your like, along with highly impressive fore and brilliance. A good quality morganite is usually around $300, depending on the seller.

Does morganite get cloudy ?

Yes, morganite can get cloudy due to accumulated scratches and tiny nicks on the surface of the gemstone. This is the result of daily wear and tear, and they can only be removed by a professional jeweler through buffing. In case the scratches are too deep they will need to re-polish the stone. A morganite that has plenty of scratches on it will lose its luster, look cloudy, and generally be much less impressive than a shiny, new one.

In case your morganite is not scratched but it is still cloudy, it might be worth cleaning. Get the softest toothbrush you can find, warm soapy water, and gently scrub the gem and jewelry for a couple of minutes to ensure you remove any built-up dirt or soap scum. Rinse and pat dry.

Can you wear morganite every day ?

Morganite should not be worn every day as it is a softer gemstone that can and will scratch easily. As the scratches accumulate on the surface, the morganite will lose its shine and will need regular buffing.

We recommend you only wear your morganite to special occasions, on in settings where you know you won’t be using your hands to do anything too strenuous. For examples weddings, dinner parties, nights out, or something similar. Do your best to not wear your morganite when cleaning, cooking, moving furniture, or doing anything that might bump the ring onto something.

This is also why morganite engagement rings are a tough decision. They are beautiful, soft, romantic, feminine. But they really should be treated with extra care. If you do want a morganite e-ring you need to take it off quite often, or accept yearly jeweler check-ups.

Best cuts for a morganite gemstone

The best cuts for a morganite are brilliant cuts, as they provide a slightly glittering look that will emulate the sparkle you may be looking for. So cuts like oval, cushion, round, pear are all really great choices.

Step cuts don’t seem to be very popular with morganites, so it’s very hard to find an emerald cut morganite, or an Asscher cut.

Best metal for morganite jewelry

Rose and yellow gold are the best options for morganite jewelry. Not only do they complement the gemstone’s natural color, but they can also enhance it through the metal setting. If you want to maintain the pink hue, opt for a rose gold setting. If yo want to bring a warmer hue, opt for a yellow gold setting.

The current crowd favorite is brilliant cut morganite (round or oval) with a tiny diamond halo, set in rose gold. The halo will look like fine lace all around the center stone. A diamond pave band is optional, but always welcome. So if you want your ring to reflect a current, modern style then this is something that will be much appreciated.

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