Are Chocolate Diamonds Real ? Are They Expensive ?

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Chocolate diamonds have been around for a long time but have only been popular in the past two decade or so. Nowadays it’s easy enough to find such a diamond for sale, and it’s become a great option in the bridal space, especially for those who want to go the unconventional route. But just what are chocolate diamonds ? Are they real diamonds ? Are they worth anything ? Is this a marketing gimmick ? Do they sparkle ? All this and more, coming right up.

chocolate diamond

Are chocolate diamonds real ?

Yes, chocolate diamonds are real carbon-made diamonds. They are in fact brown diamonds that meet the criteria set forth by the Argyle Mine in terms of color, hue, and saturation. Jewelry brand LeVian has the ‘chocolate diamond’ trademark since the early 2000s but the name stuck in the public mind and now, for most people, any brown diamond is a chocolate diamond.

These diamonds have become more and more popular, and are now quite easy to find. So if you’re interested in knowing more about chocolate diamonds, read on.

Brown diamonds are in fact very common

The first thing to note is that brown diamonds are not rare at all, they are quite common. When a diamond forms in the earth, it is mostly made out of pure carbon, with some trace amounts of nitrogen. Those trace amounts are what give diamonds that yellow hue, but what you don’t see is that most of the time diamond have varying shades of brown, from light to dark.

The white or colorless diamonds you see for sale are very, very, very rare and make up only a tiny percentage of mined diamonds. And this includes the J and lower color grades !

Brown diamonds if varying intensity – from nearly opaque bits to fairly transparent one, with light brown to dark brown to slightly rosy-brown ones, there are plenty of brown diamonds. So many that as a diamond mining company you just have to sell them somehow, right ?

When did chocolate diamonds become popular ?

LeVian trademarked ‘chocolate diamond’ for brown diamonds, but now the term is applied to most brown diamonds that show a pleasing brown hue. Light brown diamonds are called champagne diamonds.

Not all brown diamonds qualify as LeVian chocolate diamonds. However the association between the brown color and the ‘chocolate’ label is so strong in the public mind that nearly every brown diamond in existence is categorized as a chocolate diamond, even if it’s not.

Is it a marketing gimmick ? It definitely became a marketing gimmick, even if it didn’t start out that way. But does that mean chocolate diamonds aren’t pretty ? No, these diamonds are beautiful indeed.

The chocolate label makes an otherwise bland looking diamond appear more interesting, decadent even. And with the right cut any chocolate diamond can become delicious. So if you’re into chocolate diamonds, go right ahead and find the best one (or several) for your jewelry. You’re bound to find something you like !

Are chocolate diamonds expensive ?

Chocolate diamond sell for an average of $40,000 per carat so yes, they are expensive. They used to be far more affordable, before the ‘chocolate’ branding because they were considered a low grade diamond. However the public opinion changed drastically in the past two decades and the prices have increased tenfold.

The lower carat chocolate diamonds may prove more affordable, such as those under 1 carat. Most of the time they are around or slightly under $1,000 a piece.

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What brown diamond cut works best for chocolate diamonds ?

Brown diamonds can be very dark, so they need a diamond cut that brings a lot of light, such as most step cuts. The best cut is an emerald cut, with wide facets allowing ample light and not too many facets to darken the diamond. Another good option is the elongated radiant cut, with a wide table and a crushed ice effect on the pavilion.

What metal do chocolate diamonds go with ?

Chocolate diamonds go great with any metal color but are set in yellow gold most of the time, with black gold prongs holding onto the diamonds themselves. This makes for a very beautiful contrast and it brings home the ‘chocolate’ part of the diamond.

Brown is a neutral so it work very well with white, yellow, and rose colors so it won’t matter very much which metal you choose. However these diamonds benefit greatly from a white diamond halo, or another bright gemstone to frame them.

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Do chocolate diamonds sparkle ?

No, chocolate diamonds do not sparkle like a colorless or near-colorless diamond does. This is because most of the time a chocolate diamond is included, and the strong color of the inside of the diamond doesn’t allow light to reflect back the same way.

This may come as a disappointment, but it’s very common for these diamonds. If you want your brown diamond to shine, then perhaps look at champagne diamonds instead. These are light brown diamonds and they have a higher degree of sparkle that chocolate diamonds.

Do chocolate diamonds fade over time ?

No, chocolate diamonds do no fade in color over time or turn clear. Even chocolate diamonds that owe their color to a HPHT treatment will have a permanent brown color to them, it will not fade. So do not worry about wearing your brown diamond ring every day, it will hold onto its color just fine.

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