23 Best Ruby Engagement Rings – Vintage, Emerald Cut, Oval & More

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Selecting the perfect engagement ring is a testament to love’s grandeur, and ruby rings—with their vintage allure and vibrant hue—are the epitome of passion. This collection of the 23 best ruby engagement rings showcases the timeless elegance of yellow and white gold settings, along with the romantic blush of rose gold. From classic oval and pear-shaped to the sophisticated emerald cut, each ruby is set to celebrate a love as deep and enduring as its rich, red sparkle.

In this list, you will find images to get inspired from, but you will also find links to some actual rings you can buy.

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We tried to pick different shapes, stones, styles and metals so you have a wide range of oval engagement rings to choose from.

1. Oval Ruby And Diamond Halo Twist Ring

Wrap love around her finger with this stunning ruby ring, featuring a bright oval centerpiece hugged by twinkling diamonds. The twist design of the band adds a whimsical touch, making it a unique pick for that special someone. It’s fancy enough to sparkle on special occasions, yet comfortable for everyday wear. A perfect blend of charm and elegance, this ring is a lovely choice for the one who lights up your life.

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2. Vintage Ruby And Diamond Halo Engagement Ring In Rose Gold

A vintage-inspired masterpiece, this engagement ring in rose gold presents a stunning ruby, its facets catching the light with an ageless glamour. The ruby is perfectly framed by a halo of diamonds, each one meticulously set to enhance the stone’s royal aura. The rose gold’s soft hue complements the ruby’s depth, and the detailing along the band speaks of a bygone era’s craftsmanship. This ring is not just a piece of jewelry; it’s a slice of history, wrapped in the luxury of a modern setting.

3. Ruby And Diamond Two Stone Ring In 14k Yellow Gold

This eye-catching two-stone ring pairs a lush ruby and a brilliant diamond, each embraced by a halo of smaller diamonds, creating a dazzling contrast. Set in warm 14k yellow gold, the ring combines modern style with a timeless allure. The ruby, rich and mysterious, sits opposite the sparkling diamond, symbolizing the coming together of two hearts. It’s a statement piece that’s both luxurious and wearable, perfect for the one who adores a touch of daily glamour.

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4. Emerald Cut Ruby And Diamond Side Stone Ring In White Gold

Cradled in the embrace of white gold, a resplendent emerald-cut ruby commands attention, flanked by elegant diamond side stones. The sleek band underscores the ring’s sophisticated design, offering a smooth, polished counterpoint to the gemstones’ vibrant display. This ring, with its harmonious blend of bold color and sparkling clarity, is a testament to enduring style and luxury.

5. Oval Ruby And Diamond Halo Split Shank Ring In 14k White Gold

This ring dazzles with a regal oval ruby, set in the center of a sparkling halo of diamonds. The split shank design of the 14k white gold band gives the ring a graceful, open look that’s both contemporary and timeless. It’s a luxurious piece that combines the rich warmth of the ruby with the cool brilliance of diamonds and white gold—a perfect choice for anyone who appreciates elegance with a touch of modernity.

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6. Three Stone Ruby Ring And Wedding Band Set

A trio of richly hued rubies is the focal point of the engagement ring, each gemstone set securely and presented in a row to symbolize a past, present, and future filled with love. Complementing it, the wedding band dazzles with a line of diamonds, symbolizing the unwavering strength and sparkle of the bond it represents. Both pieces, united in design and intention, create a set that’s not just visually harmonious but also rich with meaning.

7. Sapphire And Ruby Two Stone Ring With Diamond Halo In 14k White Gold

This ring is a stunning display of contrast and harmony with its two main stones: a deep blue sapphire and a vibrant ruby, each cradled in a sparkling halo of diamonds. The band is crafted from sleek 14k white gold, which splits elegantly at the top to hold each gemstone. The pairing of the cool sapphire with the fiery ruby, both encircled by light-catching diamonds, makes for a captivating piece that symbolizes unity and balance. It’s an exquisite choice for someone who carries both strength and warmth within them.

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8. Vintage Floral Ring With Oval Ruby And Diamond Halo In Yellow Gold

Nestled within an intricate floral design of yellow gold, the oval ruby blooms with vibrant color, its natural beauty enhanced by a radiant diamond halo. The ring’s vintage charm is evident in the delicate details, with each petal-like adornment hosting its own diamond, contributing to the overall sparkle. The band’s yellow gold craftsmanship adds to the timeless appeal, making it a piece that carries the grace of bygone eras into the present with elegance and sophistication.

9. Emerald Cut Ruby And Diamond Double Halo Ring In 14k Rose Gold

This ring boasts an elegant emerald-cut ruby, a classic choice known for its sophistication, at its heart. It is encased in not one, but two halos of brilliant diamonds, doubling the sparkle on a band of warm 14k rose gold. The rose gold setting adds a contemporary twist and complements the deep red of the ruby, making it a truly luxurious accessory. It’s a statement of love that’s as enduring as it is beautiful, perfect for marking life’s most precious moments.

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10. Ruby Ring With 4 Point White and Grey Diamonds In Yellow Gold

The ring presents a sumptuous ruby, its oval form full of depth and color, highlighted by the surrounding white and grey diamonds. Set against the rich backdrop of yellow gold, the contrast is both striking and impressive. The four-point diamond arrangement adds a contemporary twist to the classic halo setting, creating an alluring piece that’s as bold as it is elegant. It’s a ring that doesn’t just adorn a finger, but also tells a story of contrast and balance.

11. Ruby And Diamond Ring In 18k White And Rose Gold

Captivating and opulent, an oval ruby radiates at the heart of an exquisite setting, where 18k white and rose gold create a symphony of color. White diamonds in a soft rose gold halo whisper romance, while a glittering array of smaller diamonds in a larger halo amplifies the splendor. The band in white gold enhances the cool sheen, ensuring that every angle of this ring sparkles with promise and poise. It’s a celebration of love’s rich tapestry, woven with the finest threads of luxury and charm.

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12. Pear Cut Ruby Ring With Diamond Halo In Yellow Gold

The pear cut ruby ring is an exquisite composition of color and light. A fiery ruby, cut into the elegant teardrop shape of a pear, is held in the rich embrace of yellow gold. Around it, a halo of diamonds sparkles brilliantly, each stone meticulously set to cast a dance of light around the central jewel. The ring’s band, adorned with more diamonds, complements the centerpiece, adding to the luxurious display. It’s a piece that celebrates the timeless beauty of precious stones and the artistry of fine jewelry design.

13. Oval Ruby Ring With Double Diamond Halo In 14k White Gold

A lustrous oval ruby is the star of a spectacular show, set within a double diamond halo on a 14k white gold stage. The band, encrusted with diamonds along its shoulders, adds a sparkle that catches the light with every movement. With its rich color and the double frame of brilliance, it exudes a timeless elegance that’s perfect for that unforgettable moment.

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14. Bypass Oval Ruby Ring With Diamond Accent Stones In Rose Gold

This ring features an alluring oval ruby, its rich red hue set in a unique bypass design of lustrous rose gold. The band elegantly curves around the finger, leading to diamond accents that provide just the right amount of sparkle to complement the central stone. The blend of the warm rose gold with the vibrant ruby creates a piece that’s both contemporary and romantic, ideal for marking a special moment or simply celebrating everyday elegance.

15. Pear Shaped Ruby And Diamond Halo Ring In 14k Yellow Gold

A vibrant pear-shaped ruby takes center stage in the elegant ring, surrounded by a halo of sparkling diamonds that continue along the band. The 14k yellow gold setting offers a timeless warmth, making this piece a sophisticated choice for someone with a classic yet bold sense of style. The rich red gemstone, symbolic of love and passion, is beautifully offset by the glittering diamonds, ensuring the ring makes a statement of luxury and devotion.

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16. Oval Ruby Ring With Diamond Accents & Milgrain Band In Sterling Silver

Featuring a striking oval ruby, this ring is a study in subtle elegance. The gemstone’s passionate red is offset by diamond accents that twinkle with a delicate sparkle. Its setting in sterling silver adds a cool, bright contrast to the warm tones of the ruby. The band is adorned with milgrain detailing, giving it a texture that harkens back to vintage styles, yet the overall look remains modern and sleek. It’s a piece that blends tradition with contemporary charm, perfect for those who appreciate a touch of history in their jewelry.

17. Oval Ruby And Round Diamond Halo Ring In 14k Rose Gold

Elegance is redefined with the oval ruby ring, where the central stone’s deep red vibrancy is magnified by a ring of round diamonds. The 14k rose gold setting infuses a contemporary vibe, its warm tones complementing the ruby’s richness. The halo of diamonds sparkles with every turn, and the rose gold band tapers gently, a testament to the ring’s delicate craftsmanship and stylish poise. It’s a piece that promises to be a cherished addition to any collection.

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18. Pear Shaped Ruby Ring With Diamond Halo In White Gold

Cradled in a halo of sparkling diamonds, the pear-shaped ruby of this ring glows with a passionate intensity. The setting, crafted in gleaming white gold, adds to the ring’s allure, providing a sleek and modern backdrop for the deep red gemstone. This piece exudes elegance, its classic design given fresh life through the dynamic shape of the ruby, making it a captivating choice for any occasion.

19. Bezel-Set Pear-Shaped Ruby And Diamond Stacking Ring In 14k Rose Gold

This ring showcases a stunning bezel-set pear-shaped ruby, its silhouette sleek and modern. The gemstone’s rich hue is beautifully juxtaposed against the soft luster of 14k rose gold. Alongside it, a single diamond sparkles, adding a touch of brilliance to the design. The simplicity of this stacking ring makes it a versatile piece, perfect for pairing with other bands or shining brightly on its own. With its delicate balance of color and shine, this ring is a contemporary twist on classic elegance.

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20. Simple Solitaire Ruby Engagement Ring In Yellow Gold

This solitaire ruby engagement ring is the epitome of understated elegance. The ruby’s captivating red tone is both deep and vibrant, held securely by a minimalist four-prong setting. The yellow gold band, polished to a perfect sheen, provides a classic and sleek look that accentuates the ruby’s natural beauty without unnecessary distraction. It’s a ring that embodies timeless sophistication, perfect for the one who appreciates the refined charm of simplicity.

21. Pear-Shaped Ruby Ring With Diamond Halo In 14k White Gold

This ring captivates with a pear-shaped ruby at its heart, cradled in a halo of dazzling diamonds. The 14k white gold setting enhances the deep crimson of the ruby, while the diamonds add a luxurious sparkle that travels down the ring’s shank. It’s a piece that combines the allure of timeless gemstones with the pristine finish of white gold, offering a sophisticated touch to any ensemble.

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22. Vintage Ruby And Diamond Accent Ring In White Gold

This vintage-inspired ring beautifully marries the deep red of a ruby with the classic sparkle of diamonds. Set in white gold, the ruby’s rich color is magnified against the light of the diamond accents. The detailed work along the band gives it an heirloom quality, as if it carries with it stories from a bygone era. The combination of the lustrous white gold and the radiant stones creates a piece that’s both nostalgic and timeless.

23. Oval Ruby And Diamond Sunburst Halo Ring In 14k Rose Gold

This ring exudes warmth and radiance, featuring an oval ruby set in 14k rose gold and encircled by a sunburst halo of sparkling diamonds. The rose gold band lends a soft, feminine glow that beautifully complements the ruby’s rich tones. The diamonds, arranged in a dynamic pattern, create a dazzling effect reminiscent of the sun’s rays, adding a touch of celestial wonder to the design. It’s a piece that’s both eye-catching and elegant, destined to be treasured.

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In the realm of romance, few things compare to the depth and fervor symbolized by a ruby engagement ring. Our curated selection of the top 23 ruby engagement rings, set in an array of gold tones and featuring a variety of cuts, is a homage to love’s everlasting fire. Whether encased in vintage designs, glowing in yellow gold, or set alongside the purity of white gold and the warmth of rose gold, each piece promises to be a beacon of enduring commitment.

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It’s not easy to choose the perfect ruby engagement ring for your partner, one that speaks to you both. But we do hope this list has at least given you plenty of inspiration to work off ! If you liked something you saw on this list but want to tweak a detail or two, remember that you can customize your ring on Blue Nile.

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