27 Pear Engagement Rings – Vintage, Halo, Side Stones & More

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Delve into a world of sophisticated beauty with our curated collection of 27 pear engagement rings. Discover rings ranging from the captivating charm of art deco styles set in polished gold to contemporary creations adorned with sparkling side stones, innovative triad settings, and entrancing halos. Each piece is meticulously crafted to grab attention and forge lasting memories.

In this list, you will find images to get inspired from, but you will also find links to some actual rings you can buy. However, if you find a nice ring on this list that is only for inspiration and you would like to buy something similar, you can customize your own ring with Blue Nile. From the setting and stone to the cut style and metal type, they help you craft a ring that reflects your unique love story and speaks to you both as a couple.

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We tried to pick different shapes, stones, styles and metals so you have a wide range of pear engagement rings to choose from.

1. Pear Shaped Classic Halo Diamond Engagement Ring In 14k Rose Gold

This pear-shaped classic halo diamond engagement ring in 14k rose gold is the epitome of elegance and charm. The central pear-shaped diamond, known for its unique silhouette and brilliant sparkle, takes center stage. It is framed by a halo of twinkling round diamonds that amplify its radiance and add an extra touch of glamour. The 14k rose gold band, gentle and contemporary, is adorned with a pave of diamonds that cascade halfway down the sides, offering a glittering path to the main attraction. It’s a ring that combines modern sophistication with a timeless design, perfect for someone who appreciates a blend of classic and contemporary. This piece is sure to be a treasured symbol of love, catching the light beautifully and making a statement of enduring beauty.

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2. Unique Vintage Halo Pear Diamond Engagement Ring With Milgrain In Yellow Gold

This exquisite ring is a unique vintage-inspired masterpiece. At its heart lies a magnificent pear-shaped diamond, its facets gleaming with light and life. The central gem is surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds that amplify its brilliance, each one meticulously set to catch the eye. The yellow gold setting is adorned with intricate milgrain detailing, reminiscent of the skilled craftsmanship of a bygone era. The band itself is delicately sculpted, its rich hue adding warmth to the overall design. This ring is a romantic nod to the past while still being perfect for the present, a true testament to timeless design and enduring love.

3. Pear-Shaped Diamond Detail Engagement Ring In 14k Yellow Gold

This ring features a captivating pear-shaped diamond as the focal point, delicately clasped in place and shining brightly at the center. The band, crafted in lustrous 14k yellow gold, provides a warm, rich contrast to the diamond’s clear brilliance. Enhancing the ring’s allure, each shoulder is embellished with a detailed accent, encrusted with smaller diamonds that add an intricate touch of sparkle. This design not only showcases the pear-shaped diamond’s unique beauty but also adds a vintage flair with the detailed settings, making it a perfect blend of classic elegance and intricate detailing. This engagement ring is a testament to enduring style, a symbol of a love that’s both deep and bright.

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4. Vintage Three Stone Pear Diamond And Sapphire Engagement Ring In White Gold

This ring is a breathtaking fusion of classic elegance and distinctive charm. It features a lustrous pear-shaped diamond cradled between two deep blue sapphires, each stone meticulously chosen for its radiance and poise. The trio of gems is beautifully complemented by the gleaming white gold band, which is adorned with a pavé of twinkling diamonds that add an extra touch of sparkle. This vintage-style engagement ring, with its bold yet harmonious combination of diamond and sapphire, is a timeless symbol of love and commitment, offering a unique alternative to traditional engagement rings.

5. Fancy Pear Halo Engagement Ring In Platinum

This ring is a showstopper with its magnificent pear-shaped diamond set in the center, drawing all eyes with its significant size and immaculate cut that maximizes light reflection. The halo of meticulously placed round diamonds amplifies the centerpiece’s brilliance and creates an opulent frame. Set in platinum, the band offers enduring strength and a sleek, timeless elegance that will never go out of style. It’s a luxurious choice that promises to make any proposal unforgettable, symbolizing a commitment as precious and unique as the ring itself.

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6. Pear Engagement Ring With Side Stones And Pave Band In Yellow Gold

This ring is a true symbol of understated sophistication. At its center, a pear-shaped diamond sparkles brilliantly, drawing the eye with its unique shape and brilliant facets. It sits delicately on a band of yellow gold that gently tapers towards the center stone, creating an elegant silhouette. The band itself is adorned with a line of smaller diamonds that twinkle with every move, adding a touch of glamour to the ring’s overall simplicity. This engagement ring, with its harmonious blend of a central pear-shaped diamond flanked by delicate stones, embodies a timeless elegance that will never go out of style.

7. Crescendo Pear Halo Diamond Engagement Ring In 14k White Gold

This captivating ring features a lustrous pear-shaped diamond at its heart, encircled by a crescendo halo of smaller round diamonds that enhance its allure. The sparkle of the center stone is heightened by this radiant frame, creating an elegant bloom effect. The ring’s 14k white gold band, accented with a trail of diamonds, lends a sleek and sophisticated air, completing the design with a flourish of brilliance. This crescendo pear halo diamond engagement ring is a testament to timeless beauty and is sure to make a statement of love that resonates with harmonious grace.

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8. Unique Pear Engagement Ring With Halo And Ruby Side Stones In Yellow Gold

This ring is a captivating union of classic charm and vibrant allure. A pear-shaped diamond, mesmerizing in its sparkle, takes center stage, surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds that amplify its light. Adding a striking contrast, the band features a sequence of vivid rubies on each side, their deep red hue rich and enthralling. The warmth of the yellow gold setting enriches the tapestry of colors, creating a luxurious and romantic feel. This ring isn’t just a piece of jewelry; it’s a love story told in gems and metal—a story that’s both timeless and filled with passion.

9. Vintage Inspired Pear Halo Diamond Engagement Ring In 14k White Gold

This ring is a vintage-inspired masterpiece, exuding elegance and timeless sophistication. At its center, a magnificent pear-shaped diamond is pristinely set, capturing the light and drawing all eyes to its brilliance. Surrounding the central gem is a halo of twinkling diamonds that continue along the ring’s shoulders, creating a breathtaking sparkle. Intricate milgrain detailing adds a touch of old-world charm to the 14k white gold band, while additional accent diamonds ensure that the ring glistens from every angle. This halo diamond engagement ring is not just a piece of jewelry, but a symbol of enduring love, designed to be cherished for a lifetime.

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10. Simple Solitaire Pear Engagement Ring In White Gold

This ring embodies the essence of elegance with its understated design. A single pear-shaped diamond, held securely by a sleek prong setting, radiates a timeless sparkle. The band, crafted in polished white gold, provides a slender and graceful complement to the stone. It’s a ring that speaks of love in quiet confidence, making it an ideal symbol of a bond that’s both intimate and enduring. Whether it graces a finger during everyday moments or special occasions, its beauty lies in its simplicity and the way it elevates the natural splendor of the solitary diamond.

11. Three-Stone Pear Halo Diamond Engagement Ring In 14k Yellow Gold

This stunning 14k yellow gold engagement ring offers a striking blend of classic charm and modern flair. It features a resplendent pear-shaped diamond centerpiece that radiates a captivating sparkle, encircled by a halo of smaller round diamonds that amplify its shine. Flanked by two generous round diamonds on either side, also in a halo setting, this trio symbolizes a couple’s past, present, and future. The band is adorned with a procession of diamonds, adding to the ring’s luminosity and elegance. This three-stone pear halo diamond engagement ring is a luxurious token of affection, perfect for someone who appreciates a harmonious combination of tradition and contemporary design.

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12. Pear And Pave Diamond Ring And Wedding Band Set In White Gold

This captivating set is the perfect union of classic charm and modern flair. The engagement ring centers on a stunning pear-shaped diamond, cradled by a v-shaped prong setting that highlights its unique silhouette. The white gold band twinkles with a sequence of smaller diamonds, creating a path of shimmer that leads the eye to the centerpiece. Complementing this is the wedding band, which echoes the same pave design, wrapping around the finger in a continuous loop of radiance. Together, they form a beautiful harmony, symbolizing the joining of two paths into one. It’s a set that’s sure to sparkle alongside her every day, as enduring and luminous as your promise to each other.

13. Classic Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring In Platinum

This ring is a quintessence of timeless elegance. Forged in lustrous platinum, a metal known for its strength and purity, the ring features a classic pear-shaped diamond at its heart. The main diamond is gracefully held in place by three prongs, ensuring its brilliance is on full display. Flanking the central gem are two sizable trilliant-cut diamonds, which create a symmetrical and visually stunning trio. This design not only accentuates the central diamond’s shape and brilliance but also adds a distinguished character to the piece. This classic pear-shaped diamond engagement ring is a sophisticated choice for someone who appreciates enduring style and wants a piece that will be as eternally relevant as their love.

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14. Pear Diamond Engagement Ring With Halo And Pave Band In White Gold

This pear diamond engagement ring is a vision of refined elegance. Its main allure is the pear-shaped diamond, securely held in a three-prong setting, giving the appearance of the stone floating above the band. Encircling the central gem is a halo of miniature diamonds, enhancing its brilliance and creating an eye-catching sparkle. The white gold band, partially paved with diamonds, adds a gentle glow and a touch of sophistication, making this ring not just a statement of commitment, but also a testament to timeless style. It’s an ideal symbol for a love that’s bright, beautiful, and enduring.

15. Pear Vintage Baguette Halo Diamond Engagement Ring In 14k White Gold

This ring is a testament to classic beauty and sophistication. Crafted in 14k white gold, it presents a gleaming canvas for the stunning pear-shaped centerpiece diamond. Encircled by a halo of shimmering round diamonds, the central stone stands out with unparalleled brilliance. The band, featuring baguette diamonds set with precision, leads up to the halo, adding a touch of vintage charm and grandeur. This piece is a fitting symbol for a love story that is both timeless and unique, sure to become a cherished symbol of life’s most treasured moments.

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16. Twisted Band Pear Engagement Ring With Side Stones And Halo In Rose Gold

This ring is a charming expression of love, featuring a captivating pear-shaped diamond centerpiece, embraced by a halo of delicate diamonds that echo its shape. The rose gold band twists gracefully around the finger, parting ways to spotlight a single round diamond on each side, just before meeting the central stone. This subtle yet stunning touch adds a whimsical flair to the ring’s overall design. The warm hue of the rose gold complements the sparkle of the diamonds, creating a harmonious blend of color and light. This ring, with its blend of classic charm and modern elegance, is perfect for someone who appreciates beauty in every detail.

17. Fancy Pear Halo Engagement Ring In 14k White Gold

This pear halo engagement ring in 14k white gold is a dazzling choice, designed to leave an impression of lasting elegance. The ring features a sumptuous pear-shaped diamond, exquisitely cut to capture the light from every angle, creating a spectacular sparkle. This central gem is enveloped by a generous halo of smaller round diamonds that amplify its luster and add to the ring’s grandeur. The band is polished to a mirror finish, allowing the diamonds to take center stage. It’s a luxurious symbol of affection, perfect for someone who cherishes timeless style blended with a touch of modern flair.

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18. Pear Diamond Engagement Ring With Emerald Side Stones In White Gold

This exquisite ring is a treasure of craftsmanship, featuring a lustrous pear-shaped diamond set in sleek white gold. Flanking the sparkling centerpiece are two vibrant emerald side stones, their rich green hues symbolizing hope and renewal. The band, pavé-set with a row of twinkling diamonds, lends an uninterrupted glow to the design. It’s a ring that captures the eye with its timeless elegance and the dramatic contrast between the diamond’s brilliance and the deep green of the emeralds. Perfect for someone who cherishes classic beauty with a touch of unique character.

19. Graduated Side Stone Diamond Engagement Ring In 14k White Gold

This ring is a striking piece that combines modern design with classic elegance. The focal point is a radiant pear-shaped diamond, masterfully cut and set to catch the light, ensuring a stunning brilliance. On either side, a series of graduated round diamonds cascade down the band, enhancing the central stone’s beauty and creating a harmonious transition to the sleek 14k white gold band. It’s a perfect balance of splendor and refinement, ideal for someone who appreciates sophisticated design with a touch of grandeur. This ring symbolizes a love that’s ever-growing, just like the diamonds that graduate in size along its band.

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20. Pear Diamond Ring With Halo And Pave Split Shank In Yellow Gold

This enchanting ring showcases a captivating pear-shaped diamond nestled within a halo of smaller diamonds, creating a radiant burst of light. The band splits elegantly as it approaches the central stone, each strand paved with delicate diamonds that glitter brilliantly. Crafted in warm yellow gold, the band’s split shank design adds a contemporary twist to the ring’s classic appeal. The halo amplifies the pear diamond’s sparkle, making this piece a symbol of romance and sophistication. It’s a timeless choice for someone who appreciates a blend of traditional glamour and modern design.

21. Crescent Fancy Pink Pavé Diamond Open Engagement Ring In 18k Rose Gold

This ring is a stunning declaration of style, featuring an open design that’s both contemporary and enchanting. The band is crafted from 18k rose gold, offering a warm, rosy hue that beautifully complements the stones. On one side, a large pear-shaped diamond takes center stage, showcasing an impressive cut that radiates light at every angle. Opposite to it, an alluring crescent of fancy pink diamonds, each set in a delicate pavé, curves gracefully. The pink diamonds add a touch of whimsical color, making this ring an exquisite choice for someone with a love for unique beauty and a flair for the dramatic. It’s not just an engagement ring; it’s a piece of art that signifies a love as unique as its design.

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22.  Solitaire Five Point Pear Diamond Engagement Ring In Rose Gold

This ring features an exquisite solitaire pear-shaped diamond, a true celebration of love’s simplicity and elegance. The diamond is securely held by five delicate prongs, showcasing its unique shape and brilliance. The slender rose gold band complements the diamond with a subtle warmth, ensuring that the stone’s natural beauty takes center stage. It’s a minimalist yet sophisticated choice, perfect for someone who cherishes timeless style and the tender symbolism of a single, stunning diamond.

23. Two Stone Engagement Ring With Oval Sapphire In 18k Yellow Gold

This ring is a symphony of opulence and elegance, perfectly capturing the essence of togetherness. Crafted in rich 18k yellow gold, it features a duo of stones that are both distinct and harmonious. A dazzling pear-shaped diamond is set alongside a magnificent oval sapphire, the latter boasting a deep blue hue that is both captivating and serene. The contrast between the fiery sparkle of the diamond and the cool depth of the sapphire creates a captivating dance of light and color. This two-stone engagement ring symbolizes the union of two souls, making it a fitting emblem of a deep and enduring partnership. It’s a luxurious choice for someone who cherishes classic beauty with a meaningful twist.

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24. Pear Diamond Engagement Ring With Sapphire Side Stones In Yellow Gold

This elegant ring captivates with a lustrous pear-shaped diamond, beautifully framed by a halo of sparkling smaller diamonds. The centerpiece is flanked on either side by deep blue sapphire gemstones, cut in a sleek pear shape to complement the central stone. Set in a rich yellow gold band that adds a touch of vintage charm, this ring is a stunning fusion of classic and modern design. The contrast of the cool diamond with the warmth of the gold and the deep blue sapphires creates a visual symphony, sure to enchant its wearer with every glance.

25. Two Stone Engagement Ring With Fancy Yellow Cushion Diamond In 14k White Gold

This exquisite two-stone engagement ring is a modern twist on timeless sophistication. The 14k white gold band provides a sleek, contemporary setting that lets the stones truly shine. On one side, a pear-shaped diamond bursts with a firework of sparkle, and on the other, a fancy yellow cushion diamond offers a warm, sunny radiance. The contrast between the icy white brilliance and the inviting warmth of the yellow diamond creates a captivating yin and yang, symbolizing the harmonious balance between two unique individuals. It’s a vibrant and fresh take on an engagement ring, ideal for someone who appreciates the blend of tradition with a touch of unexpected color.

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26. Art Deco Halo Pear Diamond Engagement Ring In White Gold

This ring is a statement of timeless sophistication, with its Art Deco-inspired design. The center boasts a brilliant pear-shaped diamond, enveloped by a halo of delicate smaller diamonds that enhance its sparkle. Each shoulder of the white gold band is adorned with geometric shapes characteristic of Art Deco style, studded with diamonds that provide additional glimmer. The band’s polished finish complements the diamonds’ fire, creating a harmonious and luxurious appearance. This engagement ring is a perfect blend of vintage glamour and contemporary elegance, sure to be treasured for generations.

27. Three-Stone Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring In 18k Yellow Gold

This ring is a splendid fusion of classic elegance and modern charm. The centerpiece, a shimmering pear-shaped diamond, is masterfully cut to capture light from every angle, making it the focal point of this stunning engagement ring. Flanking the central gem are two tapered baguette diamonds, their long, clean lines adding a sleek, sophisticated touch. All are beautifully set in lustrous 18k yellow gold, which wraps around the finger with a warm glow. This timeless design combines the brilliance of diamonds with the classic beauty of yellow gold to create a ring that’s perfect for marking the beginning of a lifelong journey together.

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When it comes to engagement, the distinctive and graceful silhouette of pear-cut engagement rings has a special charm. Our carefully selected collection of the top 27 pear-cut engagement rings, displayed in a spectrum of gold settings, celebrates the enduring elegance of romance. Whether framed in intricate vintage styles, brilliant yellow gold, or enhanced by the modern polish of white gold and the rich warmth of rose gold, each ring stands as a symbol of lasting devotion.

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It’s not easy to choose the perfect pear engagement ring for your partner, one that speaks to you both. But we do hope this list has at least given you plenty of inspiration to work off ! If you liked something you saw on this list but want to tweak a detail or two, remember that you can customize your ring on Blue Nile.

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